Personen betrachten einen Hubschrauber in High Resolution 3D Stereo auf der LASER smart VR-Wall während einer Besprechung
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LASER smart VR-Wall
6K resolution in 3D stereo

LASER smart VR-Wall Highlights

Lifetime of the LASER at max. brightness: Approx. 10 years (usage time 5x 8h per week)

55% more brightness compared to the predecessor (Gen-1)

650% contrast increase over predecessor (15,000:1)

Highest usable total resolution of 5,760 x 2,400 pixels, 120 heart stereo technology with full 6K resolution per eye

Next Generation LASER smart VR Wall

With High Resolution 3D Stereo and VR/AR

The 3rd generation of the LASER smart VR-Wall is the further developed successor of the successful smart VR-Walls from Schneider Digital. With state-of-the-art laser projection, innovative patented pixel processing technology and camera-based color space calibration from 3D Insight, it is the reference in the field of mobile powerwalls with front projection.

The smart VR wall is the perfect solution for 3D visualization of a wide variety of content. At the same time, it is the first powerwall that is also affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

LASER smart VR-Wall Highlights

High-resolution visualization for a perfect VR/AR experience

  • Lifetime of the LASER at max. brightness 10 years (usage time 5x 8h per week)
  • 55% more brightness compared to the predecessor (Gen-1)
  • 650% contrast increase compared to the predecessor (15,000 :1)
  • Highest usable total resolution of 5,760 x 2,400 pixels, 120 heart stereo technology with full 6K resolution per eye
  • Cluster-capable and maximally scalable! Up to 16 players can create a synchronous overall image
  • Smallest pixel size of only 0.8 mm for a razor-sharp image with completely uniform light distribution without hot spots
  • Revolutionary, camera-based color space calibration for the best possible, homogeneous overall image – allows the use of the full color space, even in 3D stereo operation without loss of quality in the blend zones
  • Signal/display latency as low as 1 frame (20 milliseconds) Enables VR interaction without delay
  • Minimum space requirement of just 75 cm installation depth; can be integrated into any standard office space without conversion measures thanks to the self-supporting and roller-mounted design
  • Brilliant front projection, no shadowing by the actor in front of the VR wall, allows unrestricted working and image viewing up to directly in front of the projection wall
smart VR-Wall mit einer Bautiefe von nur 65 cm
Nur 75 cm Bautiefe
smart VR-Wall Kamera basiert Farbraumkalibrierung
Kamera basiert Farbraumkalibrierung
Optional mit der smart VR-Wall erhältlich: Integrierte Tracking-Kameras
Optional: Integrierte Tracking-Kameras
smart VR-Wall mit Intelligenter Pixelprozessor-Technologie
Intelligente Pixelprozessor-Technologie
smart VR-Wall Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Modus von mehreren Zuspielern
Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Modus von mehreren Zuspielern
smart VR-Wall Upgradefähige LASER Lichtquellen
Upgradefähige LASER Lichtquellen
    smart VR-Wall beeindruckt mit einer Pixelgröße von nur 1,5 mm in einer VR-Präsentation

    Impressive VR presentations

    Anytime and anywhere you want!


    Even more impressive might be the small pixel size of only 1.5 mm. The image is subjectively perceived as very sharp even directly in front of the wall; even working for longer periods is possible without much strain on the eyes. All in all, we achieve an image level with our new Lightengines that was previously only possible from top level systems beyond the €150 TSD mark.

    In contrast to conventional powerwalls and VR caves, the smart VR wall does not require any reconstruction measures at the location. You simply place the screen where you need it – any office space with a minimum height of 2.50 m is suitable. It has been designed by us to be modular, so that it can be easily transported and installed within a short time. Therefore, it is also ideal for mobile stereoscopic presentations at trade fairs, events or directly at the customer’s site.

    The Schneider Digital smart VR wall is as simple to use as a high-resolution monitor. Unlike conventional powerwalls, no complex cluster solutions or software adjustments for warping, blending and color correction are required.

    Maximum compatibility and configuration options

    Investment security and future viability guaranteed

    smart VR-Wall Automobil-Hersteller konfiguriert Fahrzeug in VR-Umgebung

    Tracking certification from ART, VICON &
    WorldVIZ for professional VR/AR interaction.

    smart VR-Wall Tracking-Zertifizierungen

    Plug & Play support for all popular 2D and 3D applications (Linux, Macintosh, Windows, graphics clusters, video conferencing … )

    Software certification from Autodesk,
    Dassault, ESI, Siemens and many others.

    smart VR-Wall Software-Zertifizierungen

    In the aspect ratio of 25.3:10 as Cinemascope 275 and Cinemascope 315 available, optionally also in specially adapted sizes

    Smallest pixel size of only 0.8 mm for a razor-sharp image with completely uniform light distribution without hot spots

    Also any kind of rear projection as well as L-benches, or 3- and 5-sided VR caves are all all realizable with the pixel processing and blend technology of the smart VR wall


    Scalable operating system independent plug & play monitor interface (DP 1.2), supports all common 2D, 3D and stereo applications


    100% synchronous input signal processing enables perfect cluster feeds from up to 16 workstations

    Projector scaling and stacking is covered with the pixel processor technology covered

    Upgradeable LASER light sources for maximum investment and future security

    Very good price/performance ratio: Already
    the purchase price includes the complete smart
    VR wall cheaper, than comparable individual
    Projectors for rear projection systems

    No additional costs for lenses, projection screen, air conditioning or conversion and architect planning costs. Lowest maintenance and follow-up costs due to laser technology


    Digital crossbar technology:
    Routing of many inputs to many projectors
    scaling many inputs to one projector
    splitting of one input to many projectors

    Maximum user comfort

    Easy to use like a normal monitor

    Intuitive touch media control via tablet PC for convenient use of all VR wall functions (picture-in-picture, split screen, black screen, freeze frame, etc.)
    Collaborative project editing (co-review) Compatible with all software and hardware-based video conferencing systems (TEAMS, ZOOM, Cisco, Polycom, Jabra, etc.)
    Compatible with Barco ClickShare™ or comparable systems
    Minimum hardware requirement for 4K mono operation: already a workstation laptop with one output is sufficient
    Simultaneous use of 3 teams (signal sources) Extension of signal sources up to 8 teams/workstations/laptops)
    Free-standing, self-supporting construction offers maximum room independence
    Roller bearing enables maximum mobility
    Minimal set-up and changeover times of only one day
    Low noise level due to state-of-the-art laser projectors

    LASER smart VR-Wall

    Patented technology – highest quality – international references

    The new LASER smart VR-Wall is based on patented technology (Pixel-Processing Pat.Nr. 1020120024428, High-Performance Calibration Pat.Nr. 102013011954) and contains highest software, hardware and processing quality – designed, engineered and Made in Germany. The fact that Schneider Digital’s new Powerwall concept works is demonstrated by many smart VR-Wall reference customers from a wide range of industries around the world, such as VW Argentina (design), LG-VANS South Korea (design), DAELIM Motors South Korea (design), Honda Thailand (Catia and IC:IDO), AUDI China (IC:IDO) and Daimler Böblingen and China (design). In addition, more than 15 universities with a wide variety of performance applications rely on the new smart VR-Wall.

    LASER smart VR-Wall

    Models & technical data

    Cinemascopic 315 Cinemascopic 275
    Gross resolution 5.760 x 2.400 Pixel
    Adjustable max.
    DisplayPort EDID
    8.000 x 4.000 Pixel
    Usable resolution >12 Megapixel @ 120Hz
    Stereo technology Active, frame-sequential, full 6K resolution per eye
    Stereo formats (input) Dual Head: Side-by-Side, Top-Bottom, quad-buffer OpenGL & DirectX
    Display area (WxH) 5,30 m x 2,25 m approx. 4,70 m x 2,00 m
    Overall dimensions (WxHxD) 5,46 x 3,12 x 0,75 4,96 x 2,73 x 0,75
    Distance of the projection
    surface from a room wall
    9 cm
    Pixel size 0,9 mm 0,8 mm
    Aspect ratio 23,5:10
    Color depth 24bit RGB (16,7 Mio. Colors)
    Projection technology Front projection (with stereo technology)
    Projektionsmaterial Film-covered and vibration-damped composite screen
    Brightness (summed) 6 x 4,500 ANSI lumens (27,000 total)
    Brightness (reflective) approx. 2.270 ANSI lumens per sqm approx. 2.870 ANSI lumens per sqm
    Contrast 3.000.000 : 1
    Viewing angle (from center) +- 85° degrees (170° degrees total)
    Luminance factor (Gain) approx. 0,9
    Light source Modified ‘Dual-Wheel’ DLP technology, per unit 1,920 x x 1,200 @ 120Hz
    Number of light engines 6 units
    Lamp type/lifetime LASER, approx. 20,000 hours or 10 years of use (5 x 8 hrs) at full brightness.
    Calibration automatic, camera based
    Video inputs (standard) 4 x DisplayPort 1.2
    Optional: additional inputs
    for media management
    8 x HDMI 1.3 / DVI; 4 x HDMI 2.0 (4K/60 Hz); 4 x DisplayPort 1.2
    Product Highlights Cluster capable – up to 16 feeders can create a synchronous overall image
    almost completely latency-free from just one frame (20 milliseconds) patented color space calibration
    Power consumption approx. 3.500 Watt
    Weight approx. approx. 500 kg approx. 445 kg

    State-of-the-art laser projector technology

    The LS831WU projectors from ViewSonic used in the smart VR-Wall are state-of-the-art ultra-short distance projectors with laser technology and 4,500 ANSI lumens luminosity each. The devices are ideally suited for the challenging integration into the new generation of smart VR wall. With a projection ratio of 0.25, each projector produces a 160 cm wide image from a distance of only 40 cm. By coupling six (6) projectors, a projection area of 5.3 m x 2.25 m in size can thus be realized. Thanks to 1,920 x 1,200 WUXGA resolution per projector in 3D stereo (5,760 x 2,400 pixels in total), a contrast of 3 million:1 and ViewSonics SuperColor™ technology, the image quality meets the highest standards. In addition, the projectors offer a reliable lifetime of 20,000 hours at maximum brightness.

    Typical areas of application for the LASER smart VR Wall

    Wherever professional large-scale visualization in VR is required

    • Digital prototyping
      virtual planning of manufacturing plants, design, installation investigation, flow visualization, ergonomics checks

    • Configurator at POS, trade fairs and events
      in 3D stereo for automobiles, architecture / interior design

    • Medicine Visualization
      3D stereo analysis of protein and molecule chains, tomography and mammography with 3D stereo visualization, surgery preparation and surgery in 3D stereo.

    • Geoinformatics
      Visualization of cities, buildings, streets, infrastructure, the “digital city”, factual data enriched with augmented reality

    • Presentation
      of large, immobile objects (machines, plants …) at trade fairs

    • Conference Room System
      PowerPoint, imagefi lm in 3D stereoscopy, product marketing, conference call, team meeting

    • CAx
      CAD/CAM/CAE/CAQ (tomography), FEM, CFD, robot simulation, haptic investigations, medical technology

    • Security center
      Live video evaluation of up to 50 HD video sources with an automatic alarm system

    • Visual training in universities and schools
      Presentation of complex issues, e.g. in mechanical engineering studies, chemistry and physics classes

    • Cinema or High-End Video Wall
      The smart VR wall is also very well suited as a high-quality and compact presentation platform for 2D and 3D films in the highest resolution.

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      News & Events

      News from the world of 3D & high-end hardware

      3D PluraView and 3D GlobeView: New 3rd dimension for Tebis CAD/CAM

      Tebis presented the latest version of its software at the Tebis in-house exhibition 2024 on 12 and 13 June in Martinsried (Bavaria): Tebis 4.1, now with impressive stereoscopy on the 3D PluraView desktop monitor and the 3D GlobeView big-screen monitor. Schneider Digital's stereoscopic monitors enable precise and immersive 3D visualisation and provide realistic depth perception and detailed visualisation. Discover the perfect symbiosis of Tebis 4.1 and 3D PluraView as well as 3D GlobeView.

      Schneider Digital has moved!

      We have moved! New location, new address! After careful consideration, we have decided to relocate our offices to expand our capacity and better serve our customer base. Our current location has restricted us in our growth due to limited space and resources. The new location will provide us with more space to expand our workstation and monitor production, increase our warehouse and improve our customer service with larger office space.

      LidarNews customer interview with Towill about 3D technology

      Questions and answers in LidarNews' interview with George Maalouli, Chief Photogrammetrist at Towill, Inc, a leading international company in geomatics services and technologies and geographic information systems (GIS): Maalouli describes the benefits of years of cooperation with KELYN Technologies, authorized distributor of PluraView 3D monitors in the USA and Canada, and the positive experience of using Scheider Digital's PluraView 3D monitors:

      Ambit at the Hong Kong 3D Geospatial Summit 2024

      On April 29, 2024, the 3D Geospatial Summit 2024 will take place in Hong Kong under the motto "The Synergy of City Big Data and Geo-AI for Smart Government". As one of the 10 industry leaders for geodata solutions, Ambit will be there to showcase relevant, future-oriented technologies in this industry with the 3D Pluraview and 3D GlobeView.

      Review ISE 2024 in Barcelona: Schneider Digital in cooperation with VNS Inc.

      Schneider Digital and VNS Inc. presented an impressive demonstration of their products at ISE 2024 that redefine the boundaries of visual technology. The seamless integration of the passive 3D stereo monitor 3D PluraView with VNS Inc.'s GeoBox opens up fascinating possibilities for high-quality edge blending and the conversion of various 3D formats.

      Review GeoWeek 2024 in Denver, CO: 3D stereo geo-visualization in focus

      Innovative 3D visualization with the PluraView & GlobeView. This year's GeoWeek took place from February 10-12 in Denver, Colorado. Schneider Digital demonstrated live onsite with its partners KELYN3D and Cardinal Systems with VrThree what the future of geoscience looks like.

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