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The selected graphics card is crucial for the quality and performance. But not only the card itself, but also the driver that drives it significantly influences the result. Drivers are customized and certified for many professional software products. With the graphics card can be influenced, which monitor resolution is convertible, how many screens can be connected, which color depth is representable, how exactly data is represented, whether several computers / displays can be synchronized among themselves, whether stereo solutions are convertible, and, and, and … Due to our know-how and the special contacts to manufacturers and professional users, we can name the currently fastest and most stable graphics card for every graphics application and set up the perfect configuration. Thereby, our recommendation is not only based on benchmark tests, but mainly on knowledge gained in practice.

You work in the professional environment of graphics-intensive computer applications such as CAD/CAM/CAE, FEM, CFD, GIS geo-information systems, architecture, research, medicine, animation, film, TV or digital imaging? Then you will find the right graphics card for all professional applications here! Our offer ranges from professional 3D graphics cards to 2D, AI and G-Sync to server and remote graphics cards. You can also find the matching graphics card accessories here, from DisplayPort cables to HDMI cables, from stereo brackets to multi-stream transport hubs.

Our large selection of in-stock professional graphics cards from leading brands, such as AMD Radeon PRO, PNY and FirePro as well as nVIDIA QUADRO allows for fast and reliable delivery. The appropriate latest drivers are also available online on the manufacturer’s pages. This allows you an uncomplicated purchase and easy installation.

Graphics cards premium brands

and professional accessories

AMD Radeon PRO

The range of AMD Radeon PRO professional graphics cards includes 2D and 3D products for mobile computers, servers and workstations. This means that a uniform solution can be used throughout the entire company. With the AMD Radeon PRO graphics cards, you currently also benefit from the following unique selling points: an outstanding price-performance ratio, a system-wide uniform driver technology, more than 2 monitor outputs (also with stereo display) as well as an increased color depth of 10 bits at the DVI port.


The NVIDIA graphics cards from PNY offer you a very mature driver technology and an enormous selection of 2D and 3D graphics hardware. The advanced CG programmability, the currently largest framebuffer as well as bundles and special solutions also for special markets are to be emphasized. With the Quadro graphics card series, NVIDIA is one of the world’s leading visual computing platforms for industrial design, special effects and complex scientific visualization.

Graphics card accessories

Looking for connecting cables, or extension cables? Here you can find all kinds of active and passive adapters, adapter cables, cable whips and connectors to connect your graphics peripherals with different connectors: Mini-DisplayPort, DisplayPort, DVI-D Single Link/Dual Link, HDMI, VHDCI, LFH-60, DMS-59, VGA, as well as special NVIDIA/AMD components that serve to connect multiple graphics cards together to increase GPU performance. Brackets for a range of graphics cards are also listed, in both Low Profile and Full ATX / High Profile sizes.

Professional 3D graphics cards

Nvidia Quadro, AMD FirePRO and RadeonPRO

For demanding use in CAD/ CAM/CAE, DCC, GIS , Broadcast, FEM , Virtual Reality and Simulation, Schneider Digital offers the ultimate high-end 3D graphics cards Nvidia Quadro and AMD FirePRO 3D series. These are characterized by the following features:

  • Manufacturer certification from AMD and Nvidia on many software applications guarantees highest performance with maximum stability.
  • Advance replacement for defective professional graphics cards and extended warranty period of up to 10 years (AMD RadeonPRO WX-Series).
  • Highest available graphics memory of up to 2 terabytes (RadeonPRO SSG) for maximum reserve memory resources and fastest computation and graphics buildup.
  • Up to 6 displays can be connected to one graphics card with Vulkan, OpenGL and OpenCL support.
  • NVIDIA® NVLink™ is an energy-efficient, high-bandwidth interconnect with high bandwidth, which enables particularly high-speed communication between the CPU and the processor and between multiple graphics processors. processors. This technology allows for data sharing at 5 to 12 times the transfer rates of conventional transfer rates than conventional PCIe Gen3. This leads to an enormous acceleration in application in application performance and brings a new breed of flexible high-density servers for the benefit of accelerated computing.

    Professional 2D graphics cards

    Nvidia NVS and AMD FirePRO MV

    The professional 2D graphics solutions of the series Nvidia NVS and AMD FirePRO MV series are the standard for PC graphics in the enterprise. They deliver graphics performance for single- and dual-screen configurations, making them ideal for a wide variety of environments, such as financial institutions, emergency call centers, digital control systems, and other critical areas.
    Key features of professional 2D graphics cards:

    • Small sizes and little space required
    • Low power consumption and heat generation
    • Extremely quiet due to passive cooling
    • Designed for multi-monitor operation
    • Very long product life cycles

    AMD FirePRO W600

    Professional 2D graphics cards for display and movie walls stand for performance, high screen resolution and special features required for the configuration of interactive and visually stunning multi-display monitors and walls. Applications are diverse and range from public video walls, surveillance and control rooms, maintenance facilities or financial sector use in stock exchanges. Important key features are:
    • Overmapping: Support for up to six projectors for seamless projections
    • Overmapping: Support for up to six projectors for seamless projections
    • DisplayPort 1.2 support Enables multi-stream audio capabilities

      Professional G-Sync graphics cards

      Nvidia Quatro Sync and AMD G-Sync Option Card

      For the use of G-Sync graphics cards, there are there are two main approaches:

      On the one hand, G-Sync solutions are used in the broadcast sector to synchronize studio equipment and hardware. On the other hand, they are used as a frame log solution for the faster build-up of an image during the operation of computer clusters.

      Features and benefits of G-Sync graphics cards:

      • Support for up to four GPUs per module internally
      • For large Powerwall installations almost any number of computers (clusters) can also be synchronized externally
      • Full hardware synchronization
      • Support for connecting multiple computers and their GPUs
      • Synchronization with virtually any video source

        Professional HPC graphics cards

        AMD Radeon INSTINKT Mi25 and Nvidia Tesla P100

        With HPC servers, statistical calculations on life expectancy are just as possible as predicting the effect of an explosion or a virtual crash test. In the course of autonomous driving, the deep learning capabilities of these servers are becoming increasingly important. There, high computing power has to be provided simultaneously by a wide variety of (car) drivers. Quasi incidentally, HPC servers are ideally suited for computing CGI image and video content in the highest resolutions.

        Today, modern high performance computing solutions virtually always consist of a combination of CPUs and GPUs. Within powerful HPC servers, graphics cards serve as relatively inexpensive performance accelerators with an excellent watt/performance indicator. The current GPUs are able to adjust their computing precision from 16 to 128-bit floating-point precision, depending on the requirements of the user or the software used, and in conjunction with their built-in error-correcting code memory (ECC-RAM) deliver reliable results.

          Professional VDI graphics cards

          AMD FirePRO R5000, S7150 x2 and Nvidia Tesla M60

          Today’s Virtual Desktop Integration (VDI) allows administrators to easily provide operating system updates, security patches and service packs for various applications to many users without much effort, as all desired changes only have to be made to one VM installation (operating system). Intelligent backup software can be used to quickly and securely create disaster recovery strategies.

          Since there are powerful CITRIX / VMware and Hyper-V capable OpenGL professional graphics cards have become available on the market, such VDI servers are also becoming more and more interesting for CAD users. Up to 32 simultaneous OpenGL users can be served with only one AMD FirePRO S-Series or the comparable nVIDIA TESLA / GRID cards. Typical CAD applications for VDI servers are designers who edit small to medium-sized assemblies in SolidWorks, INVENTOR, CREO Siemes NX and comparable programs.

          Modern thin-client end devices even allow use in 2-screen operation with up to 2x 4K resolution.

            Software & Applications

            The perfectly fitting professional graphics card for your software application – We have you!

            Graphics card accessories

            Accessories, special connections and special solutions even for exotic constellations!

            Here you can find all kinds of active and passive adapters, adapter cables, cable whips and connectors to connect your graphics peripherals with different connectors but also other exotics: Mini-DisplayPort, DisplayPort, DVI-D Single Link/Dual Link, HDMI, VHDCI, LFH-60, DMS-59, VGA, nVIDIA 3D Vision Kit as well as special NVIDIA/PNY components.
            You have a DisplayPort, or Mini Display Port connection, HDMI or similar, but your graphics peripherals have a different connection? Here you will find the suitable connection by means of active and passive adapter cables, extension cables and angle connections.

            News & Events

            News from the world of 3D & high-end hardware

            Schneider Digital has moved!

            We have moved! New location, new address! After careful consideration, we have decided to relocate our offices to expand our capacity and better serve our customer base. Our current location has restricted us in our growth due to limited space and resources. The new location will provide us with more space to expand our workstation and monitor production, increase our warehouse and improve our customer service with larger office space.

            LidarNews customer interview with Towill about 3D technology

            Questions and answers in LidarNews' interview with George Maalouli, Chief Photogrammetrist at Towill, Inc, a leading international company in geomatics services and technologies and geographic information systems (GIS): Maalouli describes the benefits of years of cooperation with KELYN Technologies, authorized distributor of PluraView 3D monitors in the USA and Canada, and the positive experience of using Scheider Digital's PluraView 3D monitors:

            Ambit at the Hong Kong 3D Geospatial Summit 2024

            On April 29, 2024, the 3D Geospatial Summit 2024 will take place in Hong Kong under the motto "The Synergy of City Big Data and Geo-AI for Smart Government". As one of the 10 industry leaders for geodata solutions, Ambit will be there to showcase relevant, future-oriented technologies in this industry with the 3D Pluraview and 3D GlobeView.

            Review ISE 2024 in Barcelona: Schneider Digital in cooperation with VNS Inc.

            Schneider Digital and VNS Inc. presented an impressive demonstration of their products at ISE 2024 that redefine the boundaries of visual technology. The seamless integration of the passive 3D stereo monitor 3D PluraView with VNS Inc.'s GeboBox opens up fascinating possibilities for high-quality edge blending and the conversion of various 3D formats.

            Review GeoWeek 2024 in Denver, CO: 3D stereo geo-visualization in focus

            Innovative 3D visualization with the PluraView & GlobeView. This year's GeoWeek took place from February 10-12 in Denver, Colorado. Schneider Digital demonstrated live onsite with its partners KELYN3D and Cardinal Systems with VrThree what the future of geoscience looks like.

            Seeing the whole geospatial picture in 3D – without VR

            The use of stereoscopic visualization is helpful for many geospatial applications, including viewing point clouds and maps generated from lidar collection. When working with massive 3D datasets, PluraView monitors from Schneider Digital can be a powerful tool to help bring work to new levels of detail and clarity - without the fatigue and short working times offered by virtual and augmented reality devices. reports on this.

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