Direct LED & LCD & OLED Displays, 2D 4K/8K-Monitors, Videowalls, Multi-Displaywalls

2D 4K/8K Monitor Highlights

75”, 86“ and 98“ Ultra HD resolution (3.840 x 2.160) LCD Displays

Perfect meeting and/or product presentation monitor

Supports native 4K at up to 60Hz with HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2

1.07 trillion colors. Full 10 bit color depth

Advanced multi-resource control with PLANAR MediaPlex Plus managing up to 5 inputs + OPS module (SDI or PC)

Wireless media control through an APP on iOS and Antroid via tablet or smartphone.

Only 9 cm flat, like a picture to hang on the wall

The optional PLANAR Profile Mounting System is the narrowest wall mount in the industry

Also available as touch model and with ERO protective glass

Displays for highest requirements

2D 4K/8K large format monitors with touch

Large format 2D 4K/8K monitors up to 98“

Professional 4K/8K large format monitors from 65″ are ideal for product and project presentations in smaller groups between 5-15 people. Thanks to their large viewing angle, an approximately 50% higher brightness compared to standard monitors, all meeting participants experience the same image impression. In combination with the optionally available multi-touch option, the display can be optimally used as a whiteboard or for interactive project presentations. Our remotely adjustable monitor stands are also rollable and offer space for a workstation at the same time. The 90° rotation option also opens up new display options for the user.

4K Touch-Display – PLANAR UltraRes

As a VR solution with tracking

With a standard resolution of 3,840 x 2,160, the PLANAR UltraRes has four times the resolution and pixel density of a Full HD display of the same size. Displayed Ultra HD content is sharp in every detail, even when viewed from a short distance.

A single 98″ PLANAR UltraRes display provides the same resolution with a similar image size that can otherwise only be achieved with a 2×2 panel equipped 46″ LCD video wall. However, with no bars in the display area.

The advanced UltraRes display technology results in a significant improvement in image quality. The qualified user gets full access to the EDIT data of the monitor via the advanced firmware options. In addition, all color and brightness parameters as well as resolution and refresh rate can be saved individually for each input. With the features of 10bit color depth per RGB, local backlight dimming for enhanced contrast, 120Hz internal refresh rate and full support for 4K at 60Hz output frequency, the PLANAR UltraRes offers uncompromised image quality.

4K/8K displays have unparalleled resolution and picture quality. With four times the resolution of Full HD, all PLANAR Ultra HD products offer amazingly lifelike picture quality and a tremendous visual experience. PLANAR 4K displays deliver a clear and detailed picture that looks sharp even when viewed from a short distance – no detail is lost. With their versatile connectivity, 4K displays, compatible with each other, can be used with today’s Full HD and Ultra HD products, as well as with future 4K products.

    Clarity Matrix Displaywall Highlights

    4K – 16K Superior Multi Display Function

    Mission-critical reliability in 24/7 continuous operation

    High brightness and contrast

    Interactive multi-touch and multi-user functions

    Picture-in-Picture function

    Media control with APP (iOS), CRESTRON or AMX

    Big-picture processing (built-in scaler)

    LCD Multi-Displaywalls

    PLANAR Clarity Matrix Displaywalls

    PLANAR Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System

    The Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System was designed and developed by leading industry display experts to address the challenges of today’s video wall installations: Mounting and layout, reliability and extended operation, access to service and maintenance, and easy and effective image processing as well as its management.

    4K – Big Picture Plus Processing

    LCD display walls for highest requirements

    Clarity Matrix supports a wide range of image processing options to display objects on sources on the video wall. PLANAR’s Big Picture Plus has been integrated into Clarity Matrix to allow objects to be scaled across the entire video wall or across any area. To simplify the setup of Big Picture Plus, Clarity Matrix has positioning sensors implemented in the LCD. These determine where the LCD is within the field and automatically scale objects across the video wall. For more complex configurations, Clarity Matrix supports all leading image processing techniques and digital computer software, which include image data processing solutions PLANAR’s Indisys™ and Clarity™ VCS for low latency. Four additional sources are possible per controller in the PLANAR Clarity Matrix system (1x DP as Big-Picture, 4x Full-HD via HDMI).

    Clarity Matrix
    • 46″ and 55″ (117 cm and 140 cm)
    • Two different brightness levels available
    • New 55″ model with a covered bezel of 3.7 mm width
    Clarity Matrix with Enhanced Resistance & Optics (ERO™) Technology
    • Directly bonded Gorilla protective glass for a significantly better viewing angle, contrast and brightness compared to retrofitted protective glass as well as longer display life due to lower temperature development
    Clarity Matrix MultiTouch
    • Turnkey touch kit enables interactivity and collaboration
    • 32 simultaneous touch points
    • Includes PLANAR ERO™ protective glass technology
    Clarity Matrix 3D
    • Spectacular 2D and 3D image experience for professional users
    • 3D applications for visualization
    • Noiseless spatial display with passive glasses

      Direct LED Displaywall Highlights

      Available from 0.7 to 20 millimeter pitches

      Wide range of LED display solutions for a wide range of applications

      Seamless and adaptable to nearly any size or shape

      Designed by LED and video wall experts

      Interactive touch solutions available with Planar LED MultiTouch

      Planar ERO-LED available with select models

      Outstanding image quality

      Direct LED Display- & Videowalls

      Industry-Leading Solutions

      PLANAR Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System

      The Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System was designed and developed by leading industry display experts to address the challenges of today’s video wall installations: Mounting and layout, reliability and extended operation, access to service and maintenance, and easy and effective image processing as well as its management.

      LED Video Wall Systems

      Engineered for Performance

      The next-generation Planar® DirectLight® X LED Video Wall System expands the award-winning Planar® DirectLight® LED Video Wall System platform to deliver the ultimate complete LED video wall solution. With the off-board Planar® Video Controller, Planar DirectLight X becomes the industry’s first LED video wall solution to embed advanced video processing directly into the product. Planar DirectLight X supports a range of fine pixel pitches and includes industry-leading wall mount, full front service access, a mission-critical design for 24×7 reliability and modern, web-based control and management software.

      Planar DirectLight X takes built-in video wall processing to a new level with the off-board Planar® Video Controller (VC), providing source processing, windowing, control and monitoring of the video wall. The 1U Planar Video Controller (VC) delivering up to (9) 1920×1080 outputs from a single 1U Controller. The Planar Video Controller uses Planar® Big Picture Plus™ Video Wall Processing to deliver more extensive on-display and off-board video wall processing, and scale sources across the entire video wall or any section of the video wall, including multiple 4K @ 60Hz signals. Using built-in scaling, users can combine content from a higher number of independent sources, superimpose a smaller image over a larger one with Picture-in-Picture (PiP) and incorporate up to four unique image sources within a single display. Planar DirectLight X supports the latest 4K connectivity standards, including both HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2, offering customers flexibility when building their video infrastructure.

        Transparente OLED Display Highlights

        55″ Vivid colors with more than 100 percent NTSC color space

        Wide viewing angles without contrast or brightness limitations

        Full HD resolution for detailed display of graphics and moving video content

        4K@60Hz DisplayPort and HDMI connectivity including HDCP 2.2 compliance

        Controllable via RS-232, LAN and other control systems

        Compatible with processing solutions from Leyard/Planar/eyevis (e.g. netPIX controller series for matrix applications or advanced source management)

        With Planar® ERO-OLED ™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics) using Corning® Gorilla Glass® for enhanced durability and optics.

        Improved contrast perception by more than 300 percent compared to conventional cover glass. This makes the display more legible and effective even in bright public spaces

        Mounting in portrait or landscape format

        Installation as standing variant (e.g. on tables), hanging (e.g. from the ceiling) or in customer-specific conditions (e.g. furniture)

        Signal chaining (loop-through) of multiple devices via DisplayPort

        Transparent OLED Displays

        Brilliant image quality in large format

        Planar LookThru
        The Planar® LookThru® OLED Display (LO552) is a 55-inch transparent display that shows dynamic information on a transparent surface without the need for a backlight or enclosure. The electronics box of the Planar LookThru LO552 is positioned at a 90-degree angle to the display glass. The display can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation, and can be table-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or used in conjunction with multiple units to create large, eye-catching display areas. The Planar LookThru LO552 features Planar® ERO-OLED™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics ™) technology with Corning® Gorilla® glass for enhanced durability and optics.

        Using state-of-the-art OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology, the Planar® LookThru™ transparent OLED display enables a truly see-through installation with a virtually frameless glass design. This eliminates the need for a backlight or enclosure. With 45 percent light transmission, the LookThru™ enables stunning effects by combining digital content and real product presentation behind the screen.

        Transparent Planar LookThru OLED displays are ideal for retail merchandising, corporate presentations, museums, educational or corporate showcases, trade show displays and a variety of other architectural applications.

          News & Events

          News from the world of 3D & high-end hardware

          • Intergeo 2023 - See you there Schneider Digital

            3D stereo for desktop and big-screen presentation live at INTERGEO 2023

            Digitization needs geoinformation! Both are enriched by visualizing and working in 3D stereo. Schneider Digital will present the leading desktop stereo monitor 3D PluraView and the new 80″ stereo display 3D GlobeView as large format presentation medium at INTERGEO (10. - 12.10.2023 / Berlin). Visit us at booth C27.59 in hall 27 and experience leading 3D stereo hardware live in action with all Geospatial software applications.
          • Alliance between Schneider Digital and GeoToolBox Ibérica

            Schneider Digital e.K. (SDIG) and GeoToolBox Ibérica (GTBi) have today announced the signing of a partnership agreement under which GTBi will be authorized to sell and support Schneider Digital 3D PluraView and workstation/server solutions on the Iberian Peninsula and in Latin America
          • A 3D fusion with endless possibilities

            CATIA certified for 3D PluraView

            The 3D software application CATIA from the French company Dassault Systèmes has already successfully established itself in many industries worldwide: in aerospace, the automotive and supplier industry, the construction industry, industrial manufacturing, energy and product technology, mechanical and plant engineering, healthcare, and Formula 1. CATIA is not just a CAD application, but a comprehensive software package for product design and development. With CATIA, users can model any product and turn it into a three-dimensional, interactive application.
          • Review Esri User Conference 2023 in San Diego

            The Esri User Conference in San Diego is one of the most important events in the field of geographic information systems (GIS). The event is the ideal platform to illustrate the technical progress in the field of GIS. The five-day conference brought a broad audience of professionals from the geospatial community to San Diego.
          • Trade show booth with geospatial technologies at the Geospatial World Forum conference.

            Review Geospatial World Forum 2023: Future topics of the geoinformation industry in focus

            From 2 to 5 May 2023, the annual Geospatial World Forum took place in Rotterdam. The conference is considered one of the most important industry events for geospatial information professionals worldwide and this year again provided a platform for discussions and presentations on current topics from the world of geospatial data. Over 1500 delegates from more than 70 countries and 700 organizations attended the event.
          • SURVEYING GROUP Podcast with Josef Schneider at INTERGEO 2022

            The podcast informs about current trends in 3D stereo visualization. Josef Schneider informs in an interview about the latest developments in 3D monitors, from desktop stereo systems to 3D meeting room solutions with 84" monitor diagonals.

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