Performance Workstations manufactured by Schneider Digital

Performance Workstations Highlights

Neueste Intel Xeon, Intel Core, AMD EPYC, AMD Ryzen Threadripper & AMD Ryzen

Up to 8 high-end graphics cards for CUDA or OpenCL applications in one workstation

High clocked processors (up to 64 cores on Threadripper PRO platform, up to 2x 64 cores on EPYC, up to 2x 56 cores on Intel platform)

Up to 8 TB of fast DDR-4 or DDR-5 ECC/reg. Main memory

High performance RAID with up to 12 Gbit/s. Transfer rate (SAS 3.0 technology) on request also with lightning-fast SSD (Solid State Disks) with up to 10 TB storage.

Optional ultra-fast 100-GBit LAN switch for connection to the file server

Highest quality of the components used

19″ rackmountable

Server and cluster solutions also possible

“Whisper quiet” due to good insulation

Performance Workstations from Schneider Digital

Special solutions for complex requirements

Different application areas such as CAD, CAM, CAE, FEM, video processing, CGI, design, GIS or VR place the most varied demands on a workstation. The software used, the amount of data to be processed, processing speed, result quality and data security are just some of the criteria that must be considered when designing a workstation. You quickly realize that a standard computer off the shelf won’t get you very far here. Besides, what scientist, designer, filmmaker or architect has time in their day-to-day work to follow current hardware developments, evaluate comparative tests or read IT technical articles? The employees of Schneider Digital have to deal with exactly these problems and questions every day. For many years, again and again. This accumulated knowledge flows into our hardware concepts and has precisely tailored solutions ready for your questions and problems.

PULSARON Threadripper™ PRO Workstation

Latest AMD Ryzen Threadripper™ PRO processor technology

Up to 1-TB DDR-4 ECC memory

Highest quality of all used workstation components

Long-term plug & play upgrade capability
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Manufacture Workstations

Schneider Digital’s workstation platforms, which have proven themselves over many years, make it possible to offer special and well thought-out concepts for all areas of application: The GIS user gets a large hard disk storage with the QuadBuffer-capable graphics card, the “color grading” specialist his video workstation with up to four professional graphics cards and fast RAID, the scientist a dual-socket high-performance computer with 64 CPU cores and the designer a CPU clocked as high as possible in conjunction with the appropriate certified workstation graphics card. To ensure that you can use our hardware profitably for a long time, it is designed to be durable on the component side, has exemplary workmanship and is upgradeable in the long term. By using powerful cooling solutions, you get an extremely quiet and comfortable workstation.

Optimally matched, high-quality components guarantee the maximum performance and durability of our Schneider Digital workstations. For example, professional graphics cards are used, which guarantee an error-free display with maximum acceleration of your application due to their certifications. Due to the use of a sound-insulated housing and sophisticated fan control, each Schneider Digital Workstation works absolutely low noise with optimum ventilation of the components. On request, we can also provide you with housings for installation in 19″ racks.

We offer performance upgrades for CPUs, upgrades for RAM expansion up to 4 TB (depending on the platform) and internal high-performance RAIDs with PCIe M.2 SSDs or/and rotating hard disks. At the same time, you will always find the latest hardware and, in case of doubt, a consultant who will help you to fulfill your wishes and create a System tailored to your requirements compile.

    Perfectly tuned

    Workstations with maximum investment security

    The components of the Centuron workstations developed by Schneider Digital itself are precisely tailored to the software used by the customer. This ensures maximum stability and smooth working. For later performance updates, it is sufficient to simply replace the processor, for example. New installations and the use of new mainboards are completely eliminated. The workstations from Schneider Digital thus offer maximum investment security. Our individual consulting before purchase ensures hardware solutions made to measure.

    Performance workstations from practice for practice

    Schneider Digital has specialized in customized hardware solutions for professional 3D graphics applications since 1995. One focus is on the design, build and configuration of performance workstations, which are particularly characterized by their flexible upgrade options and long-term upgradeability.

    By working with many hardware manufacturers, software companies and independent research institutions, we have first-hand knowledge of the latest developments. Equally valuable to us are our close contacts with a wide variety of users. This is how workstation solutions are created from practice for practice.

    Centuron – Pulsaron – Nepturon

    Three platforms – countless possibilities

    With our three basic workstation series PULSARON, CENTURON and NEPTURON we offer basic models with a wide range of features. For example, the PULSARON has the latest “AMD Ryzen Threadripper” processors installed, the CENTURON, on the other hand, works with reliable “Intel Xeon” processors and the NEPTURON platform achieves a high performance thanks to efficient water cooling and selected CPUsMaximum clock frequency.

    If required, all components can be adapted in more detail to your application(s) in a extensive consultation.

    With our experience and expertise, you will quickly arrive at a solution that saves you time, money and hassle. On request, we also offer you special server or cluster solutions.

    Careful testing of the hardware before shipment and professional support during commissioning are a matter of course for us..


    Centuron workstations for the professional sector based on the latest CPU models of the Intel Xeon series. The challenge for all CAD, CAM and CAE applications is an error-free, smooth and preferably high-resolution 3D display. Only if all hardware components have the appropriate capacity and specialization, fast and trouble-free work is possible. But all the power must actually be available and all components must work together perfectly.

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    The tailor-made hardware solution for professional 3D graphics applications. Equipped with the powerful processors of AMD’s Ryzen “Threadripper” and EPYC series, the PULSARON ensures smooth working for demanding applications. Also by focusing on the design of upgradeable performance workstations, it can be upgraded very flexibly and individually to meet your requirements.

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    The Schneider Digital NEPTURON workstations are targeted at thread-limited applications that require the highest CPU clock and maximum frame rates. This helps to shorten CAM calculation times, for example. HMD and VR users can view larger or more detailed scenes smoothly with the required 90 frames. Quad / Hexa-Core processors of the latest generation are hand-picked and intensively tested especially for NEPTURON workstations, so that an optimal clock rate increase is achieved by overclocking. State-of-the-art M.2 SSDs and professional VR-ready graphics cards also guarantee fast loading of the boards and smooth visualization of the VR scene.

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    Application areas of Schneider Digital Workstations

    The perfect workstation for every application

    Under this section you will find already pre-configured workstation, categorized by applications, CAD/CAM , CGI, Geoinformation Systems (GIS), Architecture, Simulation and VR & HMD. From years of experience, we have been able to acquire a wide range of knowledge and are therefore able to assemble a workstation for a wide variety of applications that meets their requirements.

    The workstations are divided into levels, whereby the performance and power of the workstation increase with increasing level number. This ensures that the right workstation can be configured for both normal work use and for special areas of application.

    • CAD / CAM / CAE

    • GIS

    • FEM

    • Cluster-Rendering

    • DCC

    • Broadcast

    • Virtual Reality

    • Simulation

    Architecture Workstations

    Are you using one of the following applications, or one similar?

    | NEMETSCHEK Allplan | ArchiCAD | VectorWORKS | AUTODESK AutoCAD Architecture | AutoCAD Civil 3D | Revit | Navisworks | Chief Architect | Rhino3D | SketchUp | and many more!
    Then you are exactly right here! Our architecture workstations are designed to support the programs listed above, among others, so that optimal work results can be achieved.

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    CAx Workstations

    Are you using one of the following applications?

    | AUTODESK: AutoCAD | Inventor
    | DASSAULT SYSTEMS: Catia | SolidWorks
    | HEXAGON: Alphacam | WorkNC | WorkPLAN | Edgecam | Cabinet Vision
    | BENTLEY SYSTEMS: MicroStation | MEGATECH: MegaCAD | ISD: HiCAD | and many more!
    Then this category is the right one for your requirements!

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    CGI Workstations

    Are you in the field of 3D modeling,computer animation or rendering use any of the following applications?

    | AUTODESK: VRED | 3ds Max | Maya
    | MAXON: Cinema 4D | Blender
    | NEWTEK: LightWave 3D
    | and many more!

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    GIS Workstations

    Do you work in the geoinformation industry and use photogrammetry software or work with laser scanners and point clouds?

    | HEXAGON: Z / I ImageStation | Geomedia | IMAGINE
    | ESRI: ArcGIS Maps | ArcGIS PRO
    | TERRASOLID: TerraStereo | TerreScan | TerraPhoto | TerraSurvey
    | DAT/EM: Summit Evolution
    | TRIMBLE: Match-AT | DTMaster | UASMaster
    | RACURS: Photomod
    | AGISOFT: PhotoScan
    | FARO: Scene | VirtSurv
    | and many more!

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    Simulation Workstations

    Are you using one of the following heavily CPU-heavy compute applications?

    | MSC Software: Nastram
    | ANSYS: ANSYS Classic | ANSYS Workbench
    | ESI: ProCAST | QuikCAST
    | and many more!

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    VR & HMD Workstations

    The target and application areas of this category are applications that rely on the highest CPU clock and maximum frame rates, so that HMD & VR users can smoothly watch detailed scenes with the required 90 frames.
    Beispielhafte Applikationen:

    | Unity | Epic Games: Unreal Engine
    | ESI: IC: IDO
    | and many more!

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    News & Events

    News from the world of 3D & high-end hardware

    3D PluraView and 3D GlobeView: New 3rd dimension for Tebis CAD/CAM

    Tebis presented the latest version of its software at the Tebis in-house exhibition 2024 on 12 and 13 June in Martinsried (Bavaria): Tebis 4.1, now with impressive stereoscopy on the 3D PluraView desktop monitor and the 3D GlobeView big-screen monitor. Schneider Digital's stereoscopic monitors enable precise and immersive 3D visualisation and provide realistic depth perception and detailed visualisation. Discover the perfect symbiosis of Tebis 4.1 and 3D PluraView as well as 3D GlobeView.

    Schneider Digital has moved!

    We have moved! New location, new address! After careful consideration, we have decided to relocate our offices to expand our capacity and better serve our customer base. Our current location has restricted us in our growth due to limited space and resources. The new location will provide us with more space to expand our workstation and monitor production, increase our warehouse and improve our customer service with larger office space.

    LidarNews customer interview with Towill about 3D technology

    Questions and answers in LidarNews' interview with George Maalouli, Chief Photogrammetrist at Towill, Inc, a leading international company in geomatics services and technologies and geographic information systems (GIS): Maalouli describes the benefits of years of cooperation with KELYN Technologies, authorized distributor of PluraView 3D monitors in the USA and Canada, and the positive experience of using Scheider Digital's PluraView 3D monitors:

    Ambit at the Hong Kong 3D Geospatial Summit 2024

    On April 29, 2024, the 3D Geospatial Summit 2024 will take place in Hong Kong under the motto "The Synergy of City Big Data and Geo-AI for Smart Government". As one of the 10 industry leaders for geodata solutions, Ambit will be there to showcase relevant, future-oriented technologies in this industry with the 3D Pluraview and 3D GlobeView.

    Review ISE 2024 in Barcelona: Schneider Digital in cooperation with VNS Inc.

    Schneider Digital and VNS Inc. presented an impressive demonstration of their products at ISE 2024 that redefine the boundaries of visual technology. The seamless integration of the passive 3D stereo monitor 3D PluraView with VNS Inc.'s GeoBox opens up fascinating possibilities for high-quality edge blending and the conversion of various 3D formats.

    Review GeoWeek 2024 in Denver, CO: 3D stereo geo-visualization in focus

    Innovative 3D visualization with the PluraView & GlobeView. This year's GeoWeek took place from February 10-12 in Denver, Colorado. Schneider Digital demonstrated live onsite with its partners KELYN3D and Cardinal Systems with VrThree what the future of geoscience looks like.

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