PULSARON Threadripper™ PRO Workstation

Schneider Digital PULSARON Threadripper™ PRO Workstation

Unlimited possibilities. Breakthrough performance. Rugged reliability.

Imagine a professional system with visualization, compute and design capabilities that offers an unprecedented balance between price and extreme performance. Schneider Digital has partnered with AMD to build the PULSARON Threadripper ™ PRO workstation for you, with a 64-core CPU optimized for sustained high-performance use and ISV-certified for multithreaded applications, combined with up to four high-performance graphics cards.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper Logo

PULSARON Threadripper™ PRO Workstation

Latest AMD Ryzen Threadripper™ PRO processor technology

Up to 2-TB DDR-4 ECC memory

Highest quality of all used workstation components

Long-term plug & play upgrade capability
AMD Ryzen Threadripper Logo
Schneider Digital Workstation Pulsaron Logo
smart VR-Wall Automobil-Hersteller konfiguriert Fahrzeug in VR-Umgebung

High-performance AMD Radeon PRO or NVIDIA RTX graphics cards

Currently up to 64 cores with AMD Threadripper™ PRO 5995WX (64 cores, 256MB cache).

USB-C at the front

RAID controller for NVMe U.2 or M.2 drives with RAID level 0 / 1 / 5 /10 capability

Up to 2 Terabytes DDR4-3200 MHz Memory with ECC support

Up to 16 internal NVMe, SSD or HDD drives

IPMI / BMC iKVM for KVM-over-Internet and remote management and control

Unrivaled-many cores: Made for the fast lane!

You want the ultimate productivity booster? We’ve teamed up with AMD to create our PULSARON Threadripper™ PRO workstation. This truly unrivaled fast powerhouse tears down the performance limits of traditional single- and dual-socket workstations and is available with all AMD performance features from Schneider Digital. Schneider Digital and AMD bring together what belongs together: concentrated 64-core CPU dynamics with 128 threads in combination with high-performance RAM with 3,200 MHz clock, which can be expanded to 2 terabytes ECC. We integrate our motherboard with 7x PCI Express 4.0 x16 slots for ultra-high-end graphics options and the ability to provide 16 NVMe mass storage with U.2 or M.2 interfaces as an internal, quiet, very fast RAID drive into a tidy, compact chassis with an optimally sized cooling concept. This makes the ISV-certified PULSARON Threadripper™ PRO workstation fit for the most complex photogrammetry, rendering and visualization workflows, 8K streaming, and (AI) simulation solutions.

Standards for this robust and absolutely reliable top workstation are a multi-level security concept, extensive operating system-independent service and management functions that can be executed externally at any time via the KVM network interface and enable, for example, simplified commissioning, imaging, and monitoring and control functions including remote maintenance with BIOS updates and real-time monitoring.


Powered by the latest AMD Threadripper™ PRO CPUs and high-performance AMD Radeon PRO or NVIDIA RTX graphics cards for the highest performance.

and certified

Tested by independent institutes and certified by software vendors (ISVs) for all professional applications.

True remote control
& management

IPMI / BMC iKVM for KVM-over-Internet: HTML5-based iKVM / BMC remote management client included by default, no additional license required – On board VGA connector Extended solution expertise

Customer oriented

Ingenious modular design and tool-free access allow effortless upgrades and customization.

Extended solution competence

Advanced support, latest technologies, such as AI/KI and AR, or VR, as well as software tools for performance optimization.


Built with advanced, comprehensive software technologies for the ultimate in safety.

      Workstations with maximum investment security

      Unbeatable performance

      Unbeatable performance

      Give your next professional workstation the ultimate productivity boost and configure it with the fastest workstation processor on the market today. The cumulative 64-core power (128 threads) of the AMD Threadripper™ PRO 5995WX processor pushes the performance limits of the most powerful single-socket workstations, outperforming even dual-socket systems with more cores total. With impressive base clock speeds of up to 4.0 GHz and up to 4.5 GHz in Turbo mode, Threadripper™ PRO processors ensure maximum performance in single- and multi-threaded applications alike, delivering the fastest render times, more creative iterations and lightning-fast simulations. The PULSARON Threadripper™ PRO workstation supports PCI-Express 4.0: With 128 PCI lanes, twice as much bandwidth is available for the connection of graphics cards and extremely fast next-generation storage media than with the predecessor PCI-Express 3.0.
      Maximum performance - optimized to measure

      Maximum performance – optimized to measure

      The Schneider Digital PULSARON Threadripper™ PRO workstation is fully configurable: from work and mass storage to numerous expansion slots, as well as enterprise-class AMD Ryzen™ PRO management and security features, the workstation offers more than enough scope to optimize it to your exact needs. Maximize GPU-based workloads with up to four AMD Radeon Pro W6800s with 32GB of RAM each or four NVIDIA RTX A6000s with 48GB of RAM each to efficiently run artificial intelligence (AI), 3D modeling, or computer-generated imaging (CGI) applications.
      Power „on the rocks“: gut gekühlt und wartungsfreundlich

      Power “on the rocks”: well cooled and easy to maintain

      Für die nötige Kühlung sorgt ein maßgeschneidertes System aus Kühlkörpern und Lüftern, das von Schneider Digital speziell für die PULSARON Threadripper™ PRO Workstation entwickelt wurde. Es stellt zu jeder Zeit die optimale Arbeitstemperatur der verbauten Komponenten sicher und ermöglicht es die generell sehr geringe Geräuschentwicklung selbst unter Volllast nicht unangenehm in den Vordergrund zu stellen, bis die Aufgabe erledigt ist.

      ISV certified and fit for the most complex tasks

      The Schneider Digital PULSARON Threadripper™ PRO workstation is certified by independent software vendors (ISVs) and can be used in all industries, including geospatial, architecture, engineering and construction, media and entertainment, healthcare, life sciences, oil, gas and energy, finance, and artificial intelligence and virtual reality. It is perfectly suited for compute-intensive multi-threaded applications such as those used in 3D graphics for visualization and 3D modeling, geospatial data analysis, architecture and BIM, mechanical engineering, the entire science sector, simulation and VR applications.
      Lückenloser Schutz. Smarte Sicherheitsfunktionen.

      Seamless protection. Smart security functions

      The integrated security software and the multi-level AMD PRO security concept provide protection even against sophisticated attacks. Thanks to AMD Memory Guard and AMD Secure Processor technology, hackers stay outside! A dedicated ‘Trusted Platform Module’ (TPM) protects the entire system and your data from manipulation and ensures, among other things, that Windows BitLocker securely encrypts your data. Serial, parallel, USB, audio and network ports can also be disabled – an additional protection against uninvited visitors. In addition, you can set a BIOS password and a power-on password to further restrict and control access to the system at an elementary level.

      Independent benchmark tests

      certify the PULSARON Threadripper™ PRO workstation maximum performance, e.g. in the following software applications:

      Maximum performance for all professional applications and fields of use

      GeoData Processing
      In order to process extreme data volumes reliably and quickly, even in the high tera or peta byte range, the highest computing power and hardware reliability are required. Today, this is already the case for high-resolution multi-view aerial images or LiDAR point clouds covering entire cities and regions. For such tasks, the PULSARON Threadripper ™ PRO workstation is uncompromisingly designed for stability and maximum performance.
      Manufacturing and product development
      The Schneider Digital PULSARON Threadripper™ PRO workstation is perfect for complex CAD applications and processor-intensive CAE workflows: it offers the highest clock speeds for solid modeling with a high number of cores needed for generative design, simulation, visualization and CAM. It delivers the performance you need to design and validate concepts.
      Architecture, mechanical engineering and construction
      Wait no more, run AEC and BIM applications much faster with the Schneider Digital PULSARON Threadripper™ PRO Workstation! Architects, designers and engineers can choose clock speeds of up to 4.5GHz and powerful graphics cards to model and render faster.
      Healthcare & Medical
      The Schneider Digital PULSARON Threadripper™ PRO workstation is equipped with a high core count and the highest clock speeds to accelerate predictive models, data analysis and simulations to support, for example, drug research in the development of life-saving drugs and vaccines. In prosthetics, it is used in the design and validation of precision-fit exo- or endoprostheses and supports specialists by minimizing simulation computing times.
      Media and Gaming
      Whether it’s 3D animation, compositing, image editing, creative color grading, or rendering, the Schneider Digital PULSARON Threadripper™ PRO workstation offers the highest clock speeds through AMD Threadripper™ PRO processors with 24, 32, or 64 cores to help you realize your creative vision.
      Financial Analysis
      The Schneider Digital PULSARON Threadripper™ PRO workstation provides the best balance of GHz per CPU and core count to meet the demanding performance and productivity requirements of stock market analysts, investment bankers, and financial market professionals for real-time data model analysis with the lowest latency.
      Artificial Intelligence (AI)
      From model training and machine learning to inferencing, edge computing and quantization, the Schneider Digital PULSARON Threadripper™ PRO workstation enables data scientists to seamlessly, quickly and efficiently switch between high CPU and GPU performance for demanding, heterogeneous AI workflows.
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      Manufacture workstations customized for your requirements

      The Schneider Digital PULSARON Threadripper™ PRO workstation is based on high-quality motherboards with AMD processors of the latest Generation with 128 PCI Express lanes. In combination with the current PCIe 4.0 standard, AMD Threadripper™ PRO equipped motherboards achieve motherboards achieve unprecedented I/O transfer rates. Therefore, they are ideally suited for demanding software applications in the field of geospatial processing and stereoscopic interactive 3D rendering, medical 3D modeling, Computer Generated Imaging’ (CGI) and for further, high-quality rendering and visualization tasks, especially in real-time.

      As a manufacturer of professional workstations, we see ourselves as “optimizers” for the speed of your software. We offer our customers a customized, workstation-specific workstation design that is precisely tailored to your software applications and application requirements. exactly.

      Users thus not only get maximum performance for their daily work, but also a future-proof workstation solution that allows very easy upgrades of individual components at any time.

      Workstations with maximum investment security

      Überlegene Zuverlässigkeit & Leistung

      Superior reliability & performance

      With their breakthrough AMD Threadripper™ PRO and professional AMD Radeon PRO® and NVIDIA Quadro® RTX graphics cards, PULSARON Series workstations deliver impressive performance, no matter what the task. Certified by independent software vendors (ISVs), our PULSARON workstations are energy efficient and highly versatile. They offer you the high reliability you rightly expect from Schneider Digital solutions.
      Große Workloads? Ein Kinderspiel!

      Large workloads? A piece of cake!

      These powerful workstations have proven in tests that they deliver the required performance even for the most demanding applications. even for the most demanding applications. ISV certifications confirm that when you buy a PULSARON workstation, you can be confident that it you can be confident that it will perfectly meet the needs of your business and industry.
      Suitable for any work area

      Suitable for any work area

      The unmatched computing power of our PULSARON workstation series ensures reliable productivity – whether you’re creating complex models, performing photorealistic rendering, or analyzing 3D geophysical and seismic models. From the world’s smallest workstations to space-saving compact desktops (SFF) and towers, our workstations are the perfect fit for your workplace.
      Maximum detail effort

      Maximum detail effort

      When building a workstation, we make sure that all components are of the highest quality and perfectly matched. A workstation can only be as good as the weakest link in the chain of components. Our many years of experience in manufacturing enable us to select all components for your workstation in the best possible way, resulting in consistent, maximum performance with the highest reliability. To further increase reliability, each workstation is subjected to an intensive ‘burn-in’ process and an associated, fully documented determination of all relevant performance indicators.

      Expanding to a complete workstation solution

      Expand your PULSARON workstation to a complete workstation solution with additional hardware components, no matter if it is additional input devices, a high-end monitor for CAx applications, a PluraView 3D stereo desktop display or a VR powerwall. Your PULSARON Workstation is the powerful center for all professional and demanding 3D/VR, rendering, calculation, analysis or design applications – today and in the future.

      3D Controller & Input Devices

      More info

      2D Professional Monitors

      More info

      3D Stereo Monitors & VR Powerwalls

      More info

      Technische Daten(1)

      AMD High-End-CPU, max. AMD Ryzen ThreadripperTM PRO 5995WX (4,5 GHz Turbo, 64 Kerne, 256 MB Cache)
      Operating system
      Windows 10 and 11 Pro / Windows Pro for Workstation / Server 2019 / Server 2022
      Ubuntu® Linux®
      Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® (certified)

      Attractive, sturdy aluminum construction
      Efficient, quiet ventilation concept
      Easy access to components and clear cable routing

      Up to 256GB DDR4-3200MHz unbuffered DIMM with or without ECC
      Up to 1TB DDR4-3200MHz Registered DIMM with ECC
      8 DIMM slots
      Expansion slots
      7x natives PCIe 4.0 x16
      3x PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2
      2x U.2 (NVMe or SATA)
      Mass storage
      max. 16x SATA 22-TB HDDs
      max. 16x NVMe 8-TB M.2 SSDs
      max. 16x NVMe 16-TB U.2 Datacenter SSDs
      Optionally configurable as RAID level 0 / 1 / 5 / 10
      max. 18x SAS 22-TB HDDs (only with optional SAS RAID controller)
      AMD Radeon PRO W6800 32-GB
      AMD Radeon PRO VII 16-GB
      AMD Radeon PRO W6600 8-GB
      AMD Radeon PRO W6400 4-GB
      NVIDIA RTX A6000 48-GB
      NVIDIA RTX A5500 24-GB
      NVIDIA RTX A5000 24-GB
      NVIDIA RTX A4500 20-GB
      NVIDIA RTX A4000 16-GB
      NVIDIA RTX A2000 12-GB
      NVIDIA T1000 8-GB
      NVIDIA T600 4-GB
      NVIDIA T400 4-GB
      Intel® X550-AT2 Dual 10-Gbit/s Ethernet
      Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX200
      Bluetooth v5.2
      2x USB-A 2.0
      2x USB-A 3.2 Gen 1
      1x USB-C 3.2 Gen 2
      Microphone/headphone combo jack
      2x USB-A 3.2 Gen 2
      1x USB-C 3.2 Gen 2
      1x USB-C 3.2 Gen 2×2
      2x RJ45 10-Gbit/s-Ethernet
      5x Audio output
      1x Optical S/PDIF
      Remote Management
      HTML5-based iKVM / BMC Remote Management Client included as standard feature, no additional license required to purchase on-board VGA connector
      Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0)
      Port disabling for serial, parallel, USB audio and network ports
      Power-on Passwort
      BIOS-Setup Passwort


      BAE Systems®

      Cardinal Systems®
      Baker Hughes®
      HIS Markit®
      China NB®

      More information about specific ISV certifications

      Environmental certifications
      RoHS compliant
      Titanium 80 PLUS®
      604 x 240 x 566 mm (H x W x D)
      35 kg
      Power supply unit
      1500 Watt
      Titanium 80 Plus Certification
      Fully modular cabling

      (1) Technical data may vary depending on region/model

      News & Events

      News from the world of 3D & high-end hardware

      3D PluraView and 3D GlobeView: New 3rd dimension for Tebis CAD/CAM

      Tebis presented the latest version of its software at the Tebis in-house exhibition 2024 on 12 and 13 June in Martinsried (Bavaria): Tebis 4.1, now with impressive stereoscopy on the 3D PluraView desktop monitor and the 3D GlobeView big-screen monitor. Schneider Digital's stereoscopic monitors enable precise and immersive 3D visualisation and provide realistic depth perception and detailed visualisation. Discover the perfect symbiosis of Tebis 4.1 and 3D PluraView as well as 3D GlobeView.

      Schneider Digital has moved!

      We have moved! New location, new address! After careful consideration, we have decided to relocate our offices to expand our capacity and better serve our customer base. Our current location has restricted us in our growth due to limited space and resources. The new location will provide us with more space to expand our workstation and monitor production, increase our warehouse and improve our customer service with larger office space.

      LidarNews customer interview with Towill about 3D technology

      Questions and answers in LidarNews' interview with George Maalouli, Chief Photogrammetrist at Towill, Inc, a leading international company in geomatics services and technologies and geographic information systems (GIS): Maalouli describes the benefits of years of cooperation with KELYN Technologies, authorized distributor of PluraView 3D monitors in the USA and Canada, and the positive experience of using Scheider Digital's PluraView 3D monitors:

      Ambit at the Hong Kong 3D Geospatial Summit 2024

      On April 29, 2024, the 3D Geospatial Summit 2024 will take place in Hong Kong under the motto "The Synergy of City Big Data and Geo-AI for Smart Government". As one of the 10 industry leaders for geodata solutions, Ambit will be there to showcase relevant, future-oriented technologies in this industry with the 3D Pluraview and 3D GlobeView.

      Review ISE 2024 in Barcelona: Schneider Digital in cooperation with VNS Inc.

      Schneider Digital and VNS Inc. presented an impressive demonstration of their products at ISE 2024 that redefine the boundaries of visual technology. The seamless integration of the passive 3D stereo monitor 3D PluraView with VNS Inc.'s GeoBox opens up fascinating possibilities for high-quality edge blending and the conversion of various 3D formats.

      Review GeoWeek 2024 in Denver, CO: 3D stereo geo-visualization in focus

      Innovative 3D visualization with the PluraView & GlobeView. This year's GeoWeek took place from February 10-12 in Denver, Colorado. Schneider Digital demonstrated live onsite with its partners KELYN3D and Cardinal Systems with VrThree what the future of geoscience looks like.

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