Schneider Digital Product portfolio

Innovative products & solutions in 3D stereo, VR/AR and 4K/8K hardware for professional visualization and performance in data processing.

Direct LED & LCD & OLED Displays

  • 2D monitors and display walls
  • In all resolutions, formats and technologies
  • PLANAR Clarity LCD Matrix System Display Wall
  • Individually configurable (e.g. 5 x 4 displays)
  • Optionally 3D stereo and multitouch capable also with tracking system
  • Wide range of applications: Presentation, teamwork, digital signage and many more.
  • Plug & Play solution that does not require a video wall controller
  • Direct LED solutions with external power supply and lowest installation depth on the market
  • Transparent OLED display
PLANAR Hersteller von 2D-Monitore und Displaywalls
EIZO Hersteller von 2D-Monitore in allen Auflösungen, Formaten und Technologien

Passive 3D Stereo & VR Monitors

  • 3D PluraView – the reference of passive 3D stereo desktop monitors
  • Unique desktop 3D stereo/VR display
  • Absolutely flicker-free, highest brightness, razor-sharp resolution (up to 4K)
  • 2 case sizes – 3 resolutions – 4 models in 3D stereo or VR with tracking
  • zSpace: Interactive VR working in 3D stereo on the desktop
3D PluraView Logo 3D Stereo Monitor
Logo VR PluraView VR-Monitor
Logo zSpace interaktiver VR-Monitor

Powerwalls / VR-Walls

  • Transportable plug & play 3D VR screen
  • Front projection with only approx. 65 cm depth
  • Very large image area – up to 5.30 x 2.25 m
  • Resolution up to 4.000 x 1.696 pixel @ 120Hz
  • From 1.3 mm pixel size for high image sharpness
  • Available in three formats: 16:9, 16:10 and Cinemascope
Logo Smart VR-Wall Plug & Play 3D VR-Screen


  • Latest Intel Xeon, AMD EPYC or Threadripper AMD Ryzen processors
  • Upgradeable motherboard platforms for high investment security
  • Highly flexible in terms of graphics card and component configuration
  • 19″ rackmountable cassis
  • Low-noise high-performance cooling
  • Individually designed for a wide range of applications
  • Configured for maximum performance for the respective software
Logo Workstation Centuron
Logo Workstation Pulsaron
Logo Workstation Nepturon

Professional graphics cards

  • 2D and 3D graphics cards
  • External 3D graphics solutions, graphics solutions for monitor walls
  • SDI and G-Sync graphics cards, remote and server graphics solutions for demanding applications in CAx, DCC, GIS , Broadcast, FEM , VR, Simulation
  • Graphics cards special solutions for use in extreme environments, e.g. for financial institutions, emergency call centers and digital control systems
Logo PNY
Logo AMD Radeon PRO

Periphery & Controller

  • 3D Connexion and SpaceController for all CAx requirements of engineers, designers and architects with 3D applications
  • 3D measurement devices for GIS, photogrammetry and mapping: Stealth 3D Mouse and Softmouse 3D
  • ART tracking systems for VR and AR from desktop to powerwall
  • 3D stereo, polarization and shutter glasses for viewing stereo images on monitors or VR walls
  • Showmaster 9000 digital signage control system
Logo 3D Connexion
Logo SpaceControl
Logo Stealth 3D Mouse
Logo ART
Logo Volfoni
Logo Showmaster 9000
Logo Softmouse 3D

News & Events

News from the world of 3D & high-end hardware

  • Review GeoWeek 2024 in Denver, CO: 3D stereo geo-visualization in focus

    Innovative 3D visualization with the PluraView & GlobeView. This year's GeoWeek took place from February 10-12 in Denver, Colorado. Schneider Digital demonstrated live onsite with its partners KELYN3D and Cardinal Systems with VrThree what the future of geoscience looks like.
  • Seeing the whole geospatial picture in 3D – without VR

    The use of stereoscopic visualization is helpful for many geospatial applications, including viewing point clouds and maps generated from lidar collection. When working with massive 3D datasets, PluraView monitors from Schneider Digital can be a powerful tool to help bring work to new levels of detail and clarity - without the fatigue and short working times offered by virtual and augmented reality devices. reports on this.
  • Josef Schneider in an interview with SURVEYING GROUP at Intergeo 2023

    The Managing Director of Schneider Digital talks about the revolutionary mouse cursor for 3D modeling at Intergeo 2023. In an interview with SURVEYING GROUP, Joseph Schneider explains the rationalization of work processes and the resulting increased precision. Schneider draws the comparison with: "As precise as a surgeon!". The youtube video provides further information and explanations.
  • Exclusive premiere of the 3D GlobeView at the Jumpstarter event in Hong Kong

    The innovative 3D visualization system 3D GlobeView celebrated its first and exclusive live demonstration in the Asia-Pacific region during the Jumpstarter event in Hong Kong. 3D GlobeView, an advanced system that aims to replace the traditional 3D glasses or Axiom AR table, transforms the results of 3D photogrammetry, BIM and point cloud data into an immersive live three-dimensional experience for digital twin applications.
  • Review Smart GEO Expo 2023 in Korea – Asia’s largest trade fair for geoinformation technology

    The doors of the Smart GEO Expo 2023 were opened in Goyang, South Korea, from November 8-10, 2023. The 3D GlobeView Big Screen was very well received at the booth of Scheider Digital partner Wipco. Numerous visitors from the geodata industry stopped by to find out more about the advanced 3D system. The absence of conventional 3D glasses or the Axiom AR table ensured great enthusiasm among the visitors during the live demonstrations.
  • Esri ArcGIS Pro compatible with Stealthmouse & Softmouse

    The compatible 3D input devices used for support in Esri ArcGIS Pro have now been extended to include the Stealth mice with Z-protocol and the Softmouse 3D! In combination with the 3D PluraView stereo monitor, ArcGIS Pro users now have a wide range of advanced stereo mapping functionalities at their disposal.

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