ingenieur arbeitet am VR PluraView mit VR Controller und 3DConnexion Maus

Peripherals & Controllers for 3D Stereo, VR & AR

3DConnexion & SpaceControl Highlights

Full control of up to six degrees of freedom (number of degrees of freedom adaptable to application)

Robust and durable industrial design

Standardized protocol (UART or RS232)

Aluminum adapter plate for easy integration into the respective system

Wear-free (due to the optical, non-contact measuring system)

Cost-efficient purchasing

Cost-efficient in implementation (RS232/USB interface)

The ultimate CAD solution

For ergonomic and efficient operation

ISD (Industrial Steering Device)
The ISD, also known as ErgoCommander* or RoboCommander*, is an industrial, three-dimensional control element based on a wear-free optoelectronic measuring system. This measuring system operates unaffected by temperature, contamination, aging and component tolerances, ensuring robust, durable and consistent operation. This makes it ideal for industrial applications.

It enables the user to easily and intuitively control complex motion sequences in all desired directions of motion. The ISD can be adapted to a wide range of application-specific control specifications and can also be enclosed by individual housings. The experienced SpaceControl development team is at your disposal for the integration of our products and will find the right solution for your application together with you.

3DConnexion & SpaceController

3D controller for CAD applications

3D controllers enable a comfortable and natural natural interaction with digital content in the most 3D and creative applications, so you can focus on the task at hand. you can concentrate fully on the task at hand. focus.

The positioning of models or views and accessing favorite application commands commands are done via the 3D mouse, so that your “normal” mouse can once again fully serve its original purpose purpose – selecting, editing and creating objects by moving the of objects by moving the cursor.

This coordinated way of working is not only pleasant, but also increases productivity and, by reducing the use of the mouse, also the comfort factor.

3D Connexion controller with origins in robotics and space exploration. Leading for all requirements of engineers, designers and architects with 3D applications are the CAD 3D controllers, now also available in a wireless version. available.

The SpaceController allows rotation around any spatial axis, so that you have a total of six degrees of freedom control. This makes the SpaceController is the ideal input medium for example in CAD design.

    StealthMouse & Softmouse Highlights

    USB Plug & Play compatibility. (COM versions also still available)

    Virtual serial port emulation for legacy software support

    High precision X, Y laser navigation. X, Y resolution adjustable to 400, 800, 1200 or 1600 pulses per inch.

    High resolution Z-control at 1200 counts per revolution

    Supported by ALL photogrammetry software applications

    Comfortable ambidextrous usability for GIS, photogrammetry and surveying applications

    The perfect measuring device for GIS, photogrammetry and mapping

    Efficient operation in GIS and photogrammetry

    3D mice are ergonomic high-performance 3D controllers designed to increase productivity and comfort in demanding 3D applications. With 10 freely programmable buttons, the user has up to 32 functions and macros “at their fingertips”. As a result, 3D mice enable efficient operation in GIS and photogrammetry applications and help reduce fatigue.

    Effiziente Arbeitsweise in GIS- und Photogrametrie mit dem 3D PluraView von Schneider Digital

    Stealth 3D-Mouse & Softmouse 3D

    Fatigue-free & precise measurement in 3D stereo

    Stealth 3D-Mouse
    The Stealth 3D Mouse is a high-performance ergonomic 3D controller designed to increase productivity and comfort in demanding 3D software applications. With 10 programmable buttons and 33 programmable functions, users have all the functions and macros at their fingertips. Whether used in combination with or without a traditional mouse, the Stealth 3D Mouse delivers an efficient and balanced way to work while reducing hand fatigue.

    Softmouse 3D
    The new Softmouse 3D – USB has been completely redesigned and now features a standard USB interface, precise laser X, Y mouse navigation and a comfortable silicone surface keyboard. The Softmouse 3D is the successor to the original Immersion SoftMouse and, like its predecessor, is supported by all major brands of photogrammetry software. The package includes a WINQUAL-certified Windows driver that makes it 100% compatible with legacy software that works with the original mouse via serial ports. The driver supports Windows XP and Windows 7 in 32 and 64 bit.

    Stealth 3D-Mosue S4

      ART VR Tracking Highlights

      single cable simplifies installation

      ART Controller acts as processor and router

      support for active and passive targets

      noiseless, no fan

      invisible IR (850nm) means no visual distraction

      BYOT (bring your own target)

      accurate and consistent 6DOF tracking data

      combination and upgrade possibilities

      external synchronisation for stereo glasses

      ART – High accuracy and low latency

      The world’s leading manufacturers in high end optical tracking system

      ART motion tracking systems are designed and built with the company´s strong quality ethic, which means that accuracy, reliability and stability are designed into our products from the start. Our customers in the primary markets of Industrial Visualisation and Academic Research demand no less. All our products and components are “Made in Germany”. ART has been focusing on the VR market from the outset. The proof is in the products we develop, such as ARTTRACK5/C, our unique and very successful third generation Cave specific camera.

      ART optical Tracking system

      ART VR Trackingsysteme

      Applications for realtime tracking

      ARTTRACK 5
      Consists of intelligent tracking cameras and a central controller with DTrack2 software. Fully scalable, from 2 up to 50 cameras, up to 45 6DOF targets can be tracked simultaneously. The current ARTTRACK5 model can be combined with its predecessors ARTTRACK2 and ARTTRACK3 in any way. In addition, the combination with TRACKPACK cameras is possible.

      Available as 2- up to 8-camera version that can be connected to an ART controller and the DTrack2 software. TRACKPACK systems are recommended for medium tracking volumes and can be combined with ARTTRACK5 and ARTTRACK5/C cameras.

      A fully integrated stereo camera system for small tracking volumes. It includes 2 cameras and a controller with DTrack2 software in a compact housing. Tracking of up to 4 target objects simultaneously possible.

        3D-Brillen Highlights

        Stereo, 3D, polarization and shutter glasses for viewing stereo images on a monitor or screen

        Infrared systems, radio controlled and systems with long range emitters

        Circular polarized passive 3D glasses

        For sharp, high-contrast 3D images

        Innovative design, fits over any prescription glasses

        3D glasses, shutter and polarization glasses

        The easiest way to experience 3D

        When projecting 3D images, the human brain needs two images to create a spatial impression, one each for the left and right eye, taken from two different perspectives or positions. These images must arrive in the brain for evaluation at the same time, but separately for each eye, so that the spatial impression can be created from them. The primary mode of operation of 3D glasses is based on filtering, so that each eye perceives only the corresponding stereoscopic half-image for the left or right eye.

          SHOWMASTER 9000 Highlights

          Gesture recognition

          Interactive media selection

          Plug & Play multi-channel control

          Channel selection at the touch of a button

          Perfect VR/AR with tracking and Pressure sensor detection

          Digital Signage Control


          The SHOWMASTER 9000 is the universal system for all necessities in your showroom or presentations. The SHOWMASTER framework allows enables the integration of almost any SDK’s. This allows the implementation of all requirements for interaction through gestures, tracking of objects and people with live or pre-calculated content.

          Exactly tailored to them, the system meets all requirements in terms of. Inputs, connection, interaction and outputs. Depending on your project size, the Showmaster 9000 can be a single device or a network of multiple machines with storage and content management and content management system – both a standalone and a seamless seamlessly integrated into your environment. The SHOWMASTER 9000 supports the new Displayport 1.2 generation and thus a native resolution of 6x 4K @ 60Hz.

          News & Events

          News from the world of 3D & high-end hardware

          Schneider Digital has moved!

          We have moved! New location, new address! After careful consideration, we have decided to relocate our offices to expand our capacity and better serve our customer base. Our current location has restricted us in our growth due to limited space and resources. The new location will provide us with more space to expand our workstation and monitor production, increase our warehouse and improve our customer service with larger office space.

          LidarNews customer interview with Towill about 3D technology

          Questions and answers in LidarNews' interview with George Maalouli, Chief Photogrammetrist at Towill, Inc, a leading international company in geomatics services and technologies and geographic information systems (GIS): Maalouli describes the benefits of years of cooperation with KELYN Technologies, authorized distributor of PluraView 3D monitors in the USA and Canada, and the positive experience of using Scheider Digital's PluraView 3D monitors:

          Ambit at the Hong Kong 3D Geospatial Summit 2024

          On April 29, 2024, the 3D Geospatial Summit 2024 will take place in Hong Kong under the motto "The Synergy of City Big Data and Geo-AI for Smart Government". As one of the 10 industry leaders for geodata solutions, Ambit will be there to showcase relevant, future-oriented technologies in this industry with the 3D Pluraview and 3D GlobeView.

          Review ISE 2024 in Barcelona: Schneider Digital in cooperation with VNS Inc.

          Schneider Digital and VNS Inc. presented an impressive demonstration of their products at ISE 2024 that redefine the boundaries of visual technology. The seamless integration of the passive 3D stereo monitor 3D PluraView with VNS Inc.'s GeboBox opens up fascinating possibilities for high-quality edge blending and the conversion of various 3D formats.

          Review GeoWeek 2024 in Denver, CO: 3D stereo geo-visualization in focus

          Innovative 3D visualization with the PluraView & GlobeView. This year's GeoWeek took place from February 10-12 in Denver, Colorado. Schneider Digital demonstrated live onsite with its partners KELYN3D and Cardinal Systems with VrThree what the future of geoscience looks like.

          Seeing the whole geospatial picture in 3D – without VR

          The use of stereoscopic visualization is helpful for many geospatial applications, including viewing point clouds and maps generated from lidar collection. When working with massive 3D datasets, PluraView monitors from Schneider Digital can be a powerful tool to help bring work to new levels of detail and clarity - without the fatigue and short working times offered by virtual and augmented reality devices. reports on this.

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