The new reference of passive 3D stereo displays

3D PluraView Highlights

Flicker-free for relaxed 3D work in professional continuous use

Highest brightness – window seat compatible, as one monitor is available for each eye

Wide viewing angle – Allows group meetings with up to 5 people

Highest resolution – Up to 4K/UHD (8.3 MP per eye) @ 10-bit

Certified for photogrammetry and GIS (e.g. AGISOFT, ESRI, HEXAGON, TRIMBLE)

Noble design & highest quality – made in Germany

Plug & Play technology established for 13 years

3D PluraView Family

The reference of passive 3D stereo and VR monitors

Schneider Digital’s 3D PluraView is the enhanced successor of PLANAR’s discontinued Beamsplitter series, as well as the NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro. Innovative, reliable technology is the basis for precise, pixel-accurate, stereoscopic image evaluation in the highest quality, even in daylight. For this, 3D PluraView Beamsplitter technology delivers full monitor resolution up to 4K/UHD @ 10-bit in brilliant brightness thanks to one display per eye. This allows the user to work comfortably and without fatigue in all 3D stereo applications.

The new BlackTuner technology of the 3D PluraView supports the user in reliably detecting objects even in dark image areas. A response time of only 1 ms reduces blurring in moving images. Newly developed polarization glasses with optimal channel separation also prevent “ghost images”. This is the key to perfect 3D stereovisualization in all professional GIS application areas.

Highest user acceptance

Comfortable working in 3D stereo

The 3D PluraView promises an extremely comfortable, precise and pixel-accurate image evaluation in the highest resolution of up to 2x 4K resolution and a color depth of up to 10BIT per RGB. This makes all problems of users of devices with shutter technology a thing of the past. Their active image separation causes a very dark, low-contrast stereo image. The high-frequency shuttering can also strain the eyes and lead to rapid fatigue. Ambient light additionally intensifies the “flickering effect”.

Each 3D PluraView consists of two screens. This means that there is a separate display for each eye of the user and thus a separate image in full resolution and brilliant brightness. The image separation above the centrally mounted beam splitter mirror is done flicker-free by passive polarizing filter glasses. This makes the monitor suitable for regular, permanent work, even in 3-shift operation.

The 3D PluraView is the passive 3D stereo system with the highest user satisfaction and user acceptance of all 3D systems currently on the market! The beamsplitter technology is already well established in the market since 2005 and has established itself in the 4K 10Bit version as 3D stereo reference.


    3D PluraView Family

    For highest requirements in GIS, CAx, Medical and more

    The 3D PluraView 3D stereo monitor is designed for special use in a wide range of industries such as photogrammetry, GIS/Mapping, Lidar 3D, laser scanning, oil & gas prospecting, archaeology, BIM & 3D city model visualization, CAx applications as well as medical and bio-technology and molecular chemistry. It is a plug & play system compatible with all major 3D stereo applications from leading software vendors.

    The intuitive operation, but especially the high viewing comfort in 3D stereo, significantly improves the handling of complex data visualizations. The possibility of spatial viewing brings comfortable and at the same time innovative work in all 3D application areas. Working with the latest technology is not only of great benefit to companies, employees also profit from it. Tasks can be implemented faster and more precisely, which significantly increases user motivation as well as identification with the task area.

    3D PluraView 3D and VR Highlights

    Highest quality – Noble design – Made in Germany

    High resolution

    fullHD, 2.5K or 4K per eye


    For professional continuous use

    Suitable for daylight

    Through two bright and high-contrast displays

    Wide viewing angle

    for comfortable work even in a team


    for all 3D stereo applications

    Noble design

    Highest quality Made in Germany

    Supported graphics cards

    all NVIDIA Quadro & all AMD FirePRO/RadeonPRO

    Compact design

    Different housings for optimal use of space

    Plug & Play

    Functions without drivers with Microsoft / LINUX / macOS

    Unrestricted dialogue

    with clients and colleagues during the BoD meeting

    Object tracking

    With Balls or 3D Pen for realistic model interaction

    Ideal complement

    to HMD & AR glasses

    Designed for 3D stereo professionals

    Unique 3D stereo experience for continuous daily use

    • The 3D PluraView Family – Suitable for every requirement

      The new Schneider Digital 3D PluraView monitor offers the highest quality stereoscopic display on desktop monitors with innovative beamsplitter technology. The 3D PluraView is ideally suited for all stereo software applications in a wide range of industries:

      GIS / Mapping
      CGI / 3D video editing
      Simulation & VR training
      Mechanical construction / CAD
      3D city model visualization
      Oil- & Gas Prospecting
      Crystallography / Biochemistry
      Molecular research and design
      Industrial measurement / laser scanning
      Computed tomography & surgery planning
    • 3D PluraView – Supported software

      In many 3D stereo applications, users face the challenge of loading large amounts of data quickly and visualizing it mostly in stereoscopic display on a suitable 3D monitor. Up to now, those who rely on high-resolution 3D stereo visualizations on a daily basis in their professional environment, e.g. in GEO informatics or laser point cloud applications, want a flicker-free 3D display that is suitable for daylight and allows them to work stereoscopically throughout the day with virtually no fatigue.

      Schneider Digital has launched the 3D PluraView family of products, passive 3D stereo displays based on beamsplitter technology that meet exactly these requirements. The 3D PluraView monitors are specifically designed for stereoscopic display of 3D software applications in industries such as photogrammetry, point cloud visualization of laser scans, and 3D data visualization. Only with the 90° passive STEREO filters, homogeneous, closed surfaces and textures can be displayed down to the smallest detail.

    • Two different housing sizes – FullHD, 2.5K or 4K resolution – 3D stereo or VR

      The 3D PluraView product family offers four different models with two different housings to meet different requirements in terms of resolution and, above all, space requirements.

      The 3D PluraView 2.5 model offers 2,560 x 1,440 pixel resolution on a screen diagonal of 27″. As the top model of the PluraView series, the PluraView 4K visualizes 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution on a screen diagonal of 28″. Both models are available in premium chassis with integrated DisplayPort 1.2 mirror card. The 28″ model is optionally available as VR PluraView with tracking system

      For workstations with limited space, the 3D PluraView FHD is available with 22″ or 24″ of 1,920 x 1,080 pixel resolution. With its compact housing and shallow depth, it requires extremely little desk space and is ideal for open-plan offices with many workstations in a confined space. All 3D PluraView models are equipped with integrated latency-free G-Sync / Free-Sync capable electronics, which correctly displays the image of the upper monitor independent of the operating system and graphics card driver.

    • 3D PluraView – Beamsplitter Technology

      With the 3D PluraView, Planar’s successful beamsplitter monitor technology has been consistently further developed, both in function and technology, as well as in design, quality and user ergonomics.

      Established, mature beamsplitter technology with semitransparent mirror
      Passive polarizing filter glasses without flickering effect
      Two professional FHD, 2.5K or 4K monitors
      Highest component quality with solid housing and legs – made in Germany

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    News & Events

    News from the world of 3D & high-end hardware

    • Intergeo 2023 - See you there Schneider Digital

      3D stereo for desktop and big-screen presentation live at INTERGEO 2023

      Digitization needs geoinformation! Both are enriched by visualizing and working in 3D stereo. Schneider Digital will present the leading desktop stereo monitor 3D PluraView and the new 80″ stereo display 3D GlobeView as large format presentation medium at INTERGEO (10. - 12.10.2023 / Berlin). Visit us at booth C27.59 in hall 27 and experience leading 3D stereo hardware live in action with all Geospatial software applications.
    • Alliance between Schneider Digital and GeoToolBox Ibérica

      Schneider Digital e.K. (SDIG) and GeoToolBox Ibérica (GTBi) have today announced the signing of a partnership agreement under which GTBi will be authorized to sell and support Schneider Digital 3D PluraView and workstation/server solutions on the Iberian Peninsula and in Latin America
    • A 3D fusion with endless possibilities

      CATIA certified for 3D PluraView

      The 3D software application CATIA from the French company Dassault Systèmes has already successfully established itself in many industries worldwide: in aerospace, the automotive and supplier industry, the construction industry, industrial manufacturing, energy and product technology, mechanical and plant engineering, healthcare, and Formula 1. CATIA is not just a CAD application, but a comprehensive software package for product design and development. With CATIA, users can model any product and turn it into a three-dimensional, interactive application.
    • Review Esri User Conference 2023 in San Diego

      The Esri User Conference in San Diego is one of the most important events in the field of geographic information systems (GIS). The event is the ideal platform to illustrate the technical progress in the field of GIS. The five-day conference brought a broad audience of professionals from the geospatial community to San Diego.
    • Trade show booth with geospatial technologies at the Geospatial World Forum conference.

      Review Geospatial World Forum 2023: Future topics of the geoinformation industry in focus

      From 2 to 5 May 2023, the annual Geospatial World Forum took place in Rotterdam. The conference is considered one of the most important industry events for geospatial information professionals worldwide and this year again provided a platform for discussions and presentations on current topics from the world of geospatial data. Over 1500 delegates from more than 70 countries and 700 organizations attended the event.
    • SURVEYING GROUP Podcast with Josef Schneider at INTERGEO 2022

      The podcast informs about current trends in 3D stereo visualization. Josef Schneider informs in an interview about the latest developments in 3D monitors, from desktop stereo systems to 3D meeting room solutions with 84" monitor diagonals.

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