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Apr 27 2021

Consistent BIM-Solution: Planning and viewing in 3D stereo:




3D PluraView and ELITECAD make it possible

The cooperation between Schneider Digital and XEOMETRIC / ELITECAD optimally combines the strength of three-dimensional planning capabilities and stereoscopic graphic output. 3D modeling and design with ELITECAD, viewed stereoscopically with the 3D PluraView monitor from Schneider Digital - a first-class and comfortable combination! Schneider Digital has revolutionized stereoscopic graphic displays with the 3D PluraView monitor product family and with ELITECAD Architecture 15, XEOMETRIC now maximizes these hardware capabilities. Together, this creates the best 3D stereo experience for planners and architects working with architectural models and BIM applications.

3D planning and modeling is indispensable and has long been established in architecture, construction, for complex BIM models and mechanical CAD construction. Despite this, the planner or architect is mostly content with a two-dimensional representation on ‘flat’ computer screens and is happy with traditional, large-format 2D printouts. For better insight into spatial relationships, perspective views are created, models are rendered again and again, the design is checked from all sides and perhaps even interactively visualized, if a VR-glasses mode is already implemented. However, working in true three-dimensional mode is not the standard yet. Why is this?

The previous generation of stereo output devices, in combination with active or passive 3D glasses, were simply not well suited for longer work. Often the resolution left a lot to be desired, the frame rate and / or refresh rates were too low, the glasses were uncomfortable to wear, the stereo images was quite dark and active LCD glasses exhibited a persistent background flickering, In short, the “3D stereo sensation” was rather flickering, awkward and tiring. In short - not at all ‚sensational‘.

The solution: The symbiosis of 3D PluraView stereo monitors from Schneider Digital with the CAD software ELITECAD from XEOMETRIC is ideal for an optimal experience of three-dimensional planning and real 3D / VR model visualization.

All further information about the new 3D stereo monitor 3D PluraView at www.3d-pluraview.com

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