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Feb 25 2021

Stereoscopic display technologies for military applications




Professional 3D stereo visualization for GEOINT and immersive, virtual simulation environments

All over the world, armed forces use digital, 3D stereoscopic displays in a variety of application areas, especially for 'Geospatial Intelligence' (GEOINT), as well as for immersive, virtual simulation environments. Important GEOINT software applications in the COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) area include Socet GXP from BAE Systems, Collins Sci-X and ArcGIS Pro from ESRI, plus a variety of other GIS, remote sensing and photogrammetry applications from Hexagon, Trimble and Bentley and by other software manufacturers.

Even with comparatively inexpensive hardware and software, which are commercially available today, a large number of flexibly configurable resources are already placed in the hands of GEOINT specialists. The tasks that can be performed optimally and efficiently with the help of digital, stereoscopic visualization technology include the following areas of application such as classic GEOINT tasks in the C3 / C4i environment, tactical reconnaissance, realistic building texturing for simulation and virtual training environments, 3D spatial data integration in GIS environments, ordnance clearance & operation planning, remote sensing & 3D satellite image evaluation, or the real-time display of stereoscopic video images for the use of reconnaissance drones.

As a professional IT solutions provider, Schneider Digital is specialized in the development and manufacturing of stereoscopic display systems, as well as the production of high-performance, professional workstations all of which can be zoned according to NATO SDIP-27 standard. For military use, the Schneider Digital stereoscopic display systems offer the highest resolution, image brightness and maximum ergonomics for fatigue-free work and flexible use with a large number of software applications. Both the passive 3D PluraView monitors and the active smartVR / smart3D Wall do not require any proprietary graphics drivers and can be operated with professional NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. In combination, the Schneider Digital displays cover all requirements, from the acquisition and analysis of GEOINT data to large-format data presentation in stereoscopic simulation environments.

All further information about the new 3D stereo monitor 3D PluraView at www.3d-pluraview.com

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