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Mai 14 2019

Order now! NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 Pro IR KIT



Sold out worldwide! Still available at Schneider Digital: the NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro 3D stereoscopic system for professional use and complex 3D displays

With the 3D Vision Pro, NVIDIA has a 3D stereoscopic system for use in the professional environment. The solution is aimed at engineers, designers, architects or scientists who want to use complex 3D representations with the highest level of detail.

As opposed to infrared solutions for home users, 3D Vision Pro offers a radio-controlled communication unit with 2.4 GHz signals. This allows the operation of 3D Vision Pro with a long range of up to 45 m and no direct line of sight between the glasses and the transmitter is required. Professional users who want to see the world in 3D, thus offering possibilities that go far beyond the usual two-dimensional image go out. For larger groups, 3D Vision Pro can also be used on power walls or movie screens.




Consisting of active shutter glasses and an innovative RF communication system, 3D Vision Pro offers optimal stereoscopic display quality for a wide range of application scenarios:

  • Individual users can use their LCDs in combination with Quadro-based PCs or mobile workstations for 3D imaging
  • For smaller groups, 3D representations are possible via one or more projectors
  • For larger groups, 3D visualizations based on NVIDIA's Scalable Visualization Solutions (SVS) can be done on power walls or cinema screens, for example.

The 3D Vision Pro solution provides a signal range of up to 45 meters without blind spots or transmission errors. "With the ability to detail complex data, 3D stereo has become a central element of modern workstations," said Jeff Brown, general manager of NVIDIA's Professional Solutions Group. "3D Vision Pro, in combination with Quadro GPUs, provides high quality and stunning 3D visuals."





For product designers or physicians who want to see the world in 3D, NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro offers possibilities that go far beyond the familiar two-dimensional image.

“NVIDIA is clearly a leader in 3D visualization and has been working on stereoscopic 3D technology since 1999. With a professional 3D solution, this technology can now be used outside of the entertainment space," says Dr. Jon Peddie, President of Jon Peddie Research. "With its large-scale visualization and remote management capabilities, NVIDIA pioneered the use of 3D technology in a business environment that was previously unthinkable."

Key features of the NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro stereoscopic solution include:

  • Active shutter glasses
  • Rechargeable batteries with 20 hours running time
  • Support for many displays and projectors
  • Comprehensive support through professional applications
  • a long range - up to 45 m
  • No line-of-sight between the goggles and the transmitter required - an advantage for many users, for example, in front of power walls or in larger auditoriums
  • Bi-directional communication - it can be checked if the glasses are working and how high their battery charge is
  • A stable, interference-free connection between the glasses and the transmitter unit - an advantage in environments with many users, such as studios or laboratories.

Jetzt sichern! NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 Pro IR KIT

The solution requires a 120Hz "3D Vision Ready" display. Corresponding monitors offer, for example, Acer, ASUS, Alienware, LG or Planar. 3D Vision Pro supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit) as well as Linux in the 32- and 64-bit version.

Companies such as Siemens Healthcare, Agilent, Cineform or RTT use NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro as a key element of new solutions. Siemens Healthcare, for example, offers the solution "syngo.fourSight Workplace Imaging Management Solution for Obstetrics", which enables outstanding 3D / 4D representations in the field of medical diagnostics.


Alternative to NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro:
The 3D PluraView - the passive 3D stereo monitor from Schneider Digital

NVIDIA has discontinued its driver support for the 3D Vision Pro by April 2019. With the exception of Schneider Digital, the 3D Vision Pro system is nowhere around the world.

Schneider Digital is meeting the ever-growing 3D / VR market for suitable stereo monitor solutions in professional applications with its new, innovative passive 3D stereo monitor 3D PluraView.


As the new reference in passive 3D stereo monitors, the 3D PluraView is designed for the highest-end 3D stereo professionals, as well as an eye-pleasing 3D stereo experience for everyday continuous use, even in daylight. The new Schneider Digital 3D PluraView monitor with its innovative beam splitter technology offers the highest quality for stereoscopic display on desktop monitors and ensures flawless and high-resolution visualization for a perfect 3D stereo experience.

The 3D PluraView is ideal for all stereo software applications in a wide range of industries: GIS / mapping, photogrammetry, oil & gas prospecting, molecular research and design, CGI / 3D video editing, mechanical design / CAD, crystallography / biochemistry, industrial measurement / laser scanning, simulation & VR training, 3D city model visualization archeology, computed tomography and surgical planning.


3D PluraView Folder Download

3D PluraView Highlights

  • Flicker free for relaxed 3D working in professional continuous use
  • Highest brightness – daylight suitable, as one monitor is available for each eye
  • Wide Visual Angle - Allows meetings in the group of up to 5 people
  • Highest resolution - Up to 4K / UHD (8.3 MP per eye) @ 10-bit
  • Certified for Photogrammetry and GIS (including AGISOFT, ESRI, HEXAGON, TRIMBLE)
  • Elegant design & highest quality – made in Germany
  • Plug & Play Technology established for 13 years
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