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Sep 25 2017

Full Service Provider for professional 4K-, 3D- and VR-Hardware



Full Service Provider for
Professional 4K-, 3D- and VR-Hardware

„At Schneider Digital, you get the optimum hardware solution for ambitious professional use, with the highest possible system requirements in the areas of 4K, 3D and VR/AR. With more than 23 years of experience in the professional hardware segment, combined with a portfolio of innovative products from leading manufacturers, we can design a tailormade solution for you. Close proximity to our customers, personal consulting and an in-depth support and service philosophy, establish us as a strong solutions-partner. Our team can meet the most complex and ambitious challenges. We look forward to accepting yours!“

Josef J. Schneider
Founder and owner

Made in Germany -
Schneider Digital is the manufacturer of
  • the innovative LASER projection system, smart VR-Wall Gen2
  • the stereoscopic desktop monitor 3D PluraView
  • the HighEnd Workstation Series CENTURON, NEPTURON and PULSARON

Individual consulting,
tailor-made products and solutions
  • Application-based B2B hardware consulting
  • Solution provider for 4K, 3D stereo and VR systems
  • Distribution of tracking systems and innovative VR / AR peripherals
  • Integration and sale of direct LED and multi LCD display walls
  • Wide range of up to 98“ high-resolution 4K monitors
  • Distribution, service & support of professional graphics cards
  • Distribution of 6-axis 3D controller for object control
    and Z-mice for 3D measurement

Professional Service & Support -
Before, During and After Sales
  • Implementation, installation, optimization, customization
    and on-site service
  • Service support and setup-recommendations
  • Immediate availability of professional hardware due
    to wide range of stock
  • Ability to borrow and test hardware equipment, 24-hour
    and overnight-delivery
  • Quick, no fuss exchange of hardware in case of warranty claim
  • Free hotline and off-site maintenance, hardware drivers updated daily
  • Know-how and in-depth knowledge of details due to close collaboration
    with customers and manufacturers
More Service for Greater Productivity Turn your hardware investment into a professional solution

More than 23 years of experience with high-end hardware

Schneider Digital was founded by Josef J. Schneider in 1995; the Schneider Digital Head Office is located in Miesbach, Germany. Schneider Digital specializes in the production and distribution of tailor-made professional graphics cards, workstations and servers and is a full service provider for professional 4K, 3D and VR solutions offering special solutions for graphics-intensive computer applications, such as Geo-Information, CAx,architecture, science, medicine, animation, film/ TV, digital imaging, design and CG.


Our Product Portfolio

2D, 3D and 4K displays, Virtual Holographic Systems

  • 4K displays in 28“, 36“, 46“, 55“, 58“, 65“, 84“ and 98“
  • 16:9, 16:10 and ultra wide formats, with part 3D stereo and multitouch capability
  • 10 bit color depth including 1.07 billion colors for absolute precision in detail
  • zSpace: Interactive VR operations in 3D stereo on your desk
  • 3D Pluraview - the reference for passive 3D stereo desktop monitors

Direct LED and LCD multi-screen video walls

  • PLANAR Clarity LCD Matrix System DisplayWall: Individually configurable (e.g. 5 x 4 displays) Optional 3D stereo and multitouch capability Varied fields of application: presentations,
    teamwork, digital signage and more. A Plug & Play solution that does not require a Videowall controller Direct LED solutions with an external power supply and the smallest installation
    depth on the market

Smart VR-Wall - A Revolution in the 3D Stereo Powerwall-Segment

  • Mobile Plug & Play 3D VR-screen
  • Projection depth of only 65 cm
  • Huge screen – up to 5.30 x 2.25 m
  • Resolution up to 4,000 x 1,696 pixels @ 120 Hz
  • Pixel-height from 1.3 mm for brilliant sharpness
  • Available in 3 formats: 10:9, 16:10 and Cinemascope

3D Controller, Input and Peripheral Devices for VR and AR

  • 3D Connexion, SpaceController and Stealth Mouse Ideal solution
    for design engineers, designers and architects using 3D-applications
  • 3D stereo, polarization and shutter glasses to view stereo-pictures
    on displays and screens
  • ART tracking systems for VR and AR
  • Digital Signage control system - Showmaster 9000

High-End Performance Workstations for VR, DCC and CAx

  • Latest Intel Xeon or AMD EPYC processors
  • Expandable motherboard platforms for safe investments
  • Up to 1TB RAM for maximum performance
  • Highly flexible configuration of graphics boards and components
  • 19“ Rackmount-capable chassis
  • Quiet, high-performance cooling system

Professional Graphics Boards

  • 2D and 3D graphics boards
  • External 3D graphics solutions, graphics solutions for display walls
  • SDI and G-Sync graphics boards, remote and server based graphics solutions
    For ambitious use in CAx, DCC, GIS, Broadcast, FEM, VR, simulations
  • Special-purpose graphics board solutions for use in extreme environments,
    e.g. financial institutions, emergency call centres and digital control systems