Successful participation with 3D PluraView at Open Day Photogrammetry

Schneider Digital as a reliable partner for the aerial survey industry

As one of the first companies supporting the “Open Day Photogrammetry” conference series (ODP) three years ago, Schneider Digital was again present at ODP2023 with an exhibition stand, high-end photogrammetry workstation and the 28″ 3D PluraView at this years’ conference venue, the Münster-Osnabrück airport (FMO). More than twenty European and international companies, the core of the aerial surveying industry, presented their equipment and exhibited inside the FMO terminal building. Several surveying aircraft also flew in and were directly accessible to the 150+ conference visitors, mostly from German, Austrian and Swiss state /federal authorities and services companies.

As a focused aerial surveying conference, the ODP2023 was clearly a ‘hands-on’ and ‘get-close event’, showcasing the latest high-tech aerial camera and airborne LiDAR equipment. Expertly organized this year by the Austrian aerial surveying AVT Group (, the visitors had ample time to gather information about the latest aerial technology developments in workshop sessions, through a series of presentations and of course directly on the airfield and in the conference’s spacious exhibition area.

Since 2016, Schneider Digital has firmly positioned itself in the aerial surveying industry as a trusted manufacturer of the precision-calibrated 3D PluraView™ stereo-monitor series and special photogrammetric workstations for GIS feature collection. Recently, Schneider Digital has enhanced its stereoscopic display portfolio by the GlobeView™ large-format stereoscopic displays, a perfect tool for the presentation of geospatial 3D datasets, such as 3D city models.

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Schneider Digital’s workstation expertise extends to the ultra-fast, yet compact CopyStation and CopyStation PRO series of small-format, mobile PC units for aerial survey companies to rapidly copy large amounts of raw aerial camera data to secure storage media. For the processing of hundreds of Terabytes of aerial camera and LiDAR data, Schneider has built and delivered to customers around the World specific SD Image Server hardware solutions, processing reliably and rapidly raw aerial survey datasets into geospatial products, such as digital surface and terrain models (DSM/DTM), orthorectified images and ultra-realistic 3D City Models.

By the way: If you want to learn more about our 3D stereo, VR/AR and 4K/8K solutions or professional hardware components (high-end monitors, professional graphics cards, high-end workstations, smart VR wall, peripheral solutions, etc.), please just call us directly, phone +49 (8025) 99 300, or email us at

For more information about the annual Open Day Photogrammetry events, please click here.

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News & Events

News from the world of 3D & high-end hardware

  • Exclusive premiere of the 3D GlobeView at the Jumpstarter event in Hong Kong

    The innovative 3D visualization system 3D GlobeView celebrated its first and exclusive live demonstration in the Asia-Pacific region during the Jumpstarter event in Hong Kong. 3D GlobeView, an advanced system that aims to replace the traditional 3D glasses or Axiom AR table, transforms the results of 3D photogrammetry, BIM and point cloud data into an immersive live three-dimensional experience for digital twin applications.
  • Esri ArcGIS Pro compatible with Stealthmouse & Softmouse

    The compatible 3D input devices used for support in Esri ArcGIS Pro have now been extended to include the Stealth mice with Z-protocol and the Softmouse 3D! In combination with the 3D PluraView stereo monitor, ArcGIS Pro users now have a wide range of advanced stereo mapping functionalities at their disposal.
  • DER SPIEGEL report on youtube: Deployment for Explosive Ordnance Disposal and 3D PluraView Monitor

    The youtube video by DER SPIEGEL |"80 years after the firestorm: On the road with the explosive ordnance disposal experts” reports on the lurking, highly explosive dangers in Hamburg's soil. For every construction project in Hamburg, the suspicion of explosive ordnance, a vital measure for the construction team and the residents, must be clarified in advance. For this purpose, aerial image evaluators rely on the passive 3D stereo beamsplitter monitors 3D PluraView from Schneider Digital.
  • Review Intergeo 2023: 3D stereo for desktop and big-screen presentation

    October 2023: INTERGEO positions itself in Berlin as the world's leading platform for geospatial IT. Because digitization needs geoinformation. After three days of EXPO and CONFERENCE, the international event for the geospatial community has come to a successful close. INTERGEO EXPO and CONFERENCE proves itself once again, this year with the motto „Digitization needs geoinformation!“
  • Review XXVI National Congress of the bulgarian anatomic society

    The National Congress of the Bulgarian Anatomical Society is held with international participation and is organised by the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology of Sofia Medical University. Schneider Digital presented its passive desktop 3D medical monitor VR PluraView for the various, complex uses in medical application areas on site. In the course of numerous personal discussions with customers, information was obtained - also specifically for Eastern European countries - and new contacts were made.
  • Intergeo 2023 - See you there Schneider Digital

    3D stereo for desktop and big-screen presentation live at INTERGEO 2023

    Digitization needs geoinformation! Both are enriched by visualizing and working in 3D stereo. Schneider Digital will present the leading desktop stereo monitor 3D PluraView and the new 80″ stereo display 3D GlobeView as large format presentation medium at INTERGEO (10. - 12.10.2023 / Berlin). Visit us at booth C27.59 in hall 27 and experience leading 3D stereo hardware live in action with all Geospatial software applications.

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